“Agusan Norte Local Leaders Converge in Stakeholders Security Forum at 402nd Brigade”

By Army Diamond
July 8, 2019


The Stakeholders Security Forum was an initiative of the former Governor and now
Congresswoman Maria Angelica Rosedell Amante-Matba of the 2nd District of said
province in partnership with the 402nd Brigade led by Col Maurito L Licudine, the
Brigade Commander.

The forum intends to apprise the LCEs and key decision makers on the nature,
developments and impact of the insurgency situation vis-a-vis the government’s
internal security operations and elicit support and commitment in achieving peace and
inclusive development in their respective areas.

In response to the call to unite and support the Whole of Nation Approach embodied
in the EO70, the local leaders of the province led by the newly elected Governor, Hon
Dale B Corvera, and the LCEs of six (6) city/municipalities of this province attended
the event namely; Hon Judy C Amante of Cabadbaran City; Hon Napoleon M Montero
of Jabonga; Hon Aristotle E Motante of Kitcharao; Hon Richard P Daquipil of
Remedios T Romualdez; Franklin D Lim of Santiago; and Hon Fidel E Garcia Jr of
Tubay together with Police Col Ramir P Perlas, Provincial Director of Agusan del Norte
Police Provincial Office; MS Ellen V Chua, Provincial Director of DILG Agusan Del
Norte; Hon Eddie Ampayawan “Datu Bawang”, Board Member/IP Mandatory
Representative; and Ms Charissa T Guerta, City Director of DILG Butuan City.

Local Leaders were informed regarding the security situation in the brigade’s area of
responsibility stressing the issues and concerns affecting the political and security
environment in the province. The convergence has generated a unified voice among
the local leaders to support and commit in addressing the security problem. It also
tackled the situations of the IP being the most vulnerable target of the exploitation and
abuse by the CPP-NPA Terrorist.

“As a Governor of the province, I am committing full support to the efforts to address
the insurgency problem”, Governor Corvera declares along with the six (6) LCEs
assuring their unwavering support to the AFP and PNP and in working together for the
peace and development initiatives.

“Akong pangamuyo karun nga unta maipakita og maipasibya sa mga lideres pinaagi
sa pagdeklarar nga dili sila musuporta sa mga NPA og kontra sia niini arun ma-feel
pud sa mga NPA nga dili lang AFP ug PNP ang kontra nila kun dili nga tanan
katawhan. Og akong hangyo nga maprotektahan ang mga tribu arun mahatagan silag
kakusgon sa pagbatok sa mga NPA”, relate Datu Bawang in his dialect, a former CNT
member and now an IPMR of the province.

In his statement, Col Maurito L Licudine, Commander of 402nd Infantry Brigade said,
“Your army particularly the 402nd Brigade will support and assist in the initiatives of
the civilian authorities. The forum has given awareness to the leaders of this province
and explore ways of promoting local security and safety based on the needs and
realities of the communities on the ground”.

“We hope to achieve that everybody should actively advocate peace. We should work
together to put forward the agenda of peace among the people. With the EO70, the
Whole of Nation Approach and the creation of the Regional Task Force in Ending Local
Communist Armed Conflict here in Caraga, will be our vehicle in our dream of
achieving a long and lasting peace for our people", Col Licudine ended.



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