20 FR's surrender anew, pledge allegiance to the gov't - Army

By Army Diamond
July 16, 2019


The mass surrender is composed of eight (8) regular members, one (1) couriers, two (2)
organizers, one (1) medic, one (1) collector, and seven (7) contact members who
withdrew their support from the Communist NPA Terrorist (CNT) and voluntarily
surrendered to the Community Support Program (CSP) team of Charlie Company under
1Lt Emmanuel Magsanoc of the Army's 36th Infantry (Valor) Battalion (36IB) in close
collaboration with the Local Government Unit of Carmen.

The NPA members and supporters are all residents of Municipality of Carmen, Surigao
del Sur.

"For the longest time, we thought that the NPA will help us. But, we're just deceived, we
were made to believe that supporting the terrorist NPA will improve our lives. Instead,
they used us as accessories to their futile armed struggle. We thanked the Army CSP for
opening our eyes on the deceptions and lies of the CPP-NPA-NDF organizations," one of
the surrendered NPA said.

Hon. Jane Plaza, town Mayor of Carmen administered the pledge of allegiance to the
government with Ltc Xerxes Trinidad, Commanding Officer, 36IB together with Dir.
Adshary Banto, Regional Director (RD), TESDA who after which assisted the distribution
of assorted food packs to the twenty former rebels.

In her statement, Hon Jane Plaza, stressed that the people of Carmen are already
awakened on the deception of NPA.

"The pledge of allegiance manifests the peace-loving Carmenanon’s withdrawal of
support and rejection of the NPA terrorists from the communities," town chief said.

"The growing numbers of surrenders and shift of support of the masses to the government
is a manifestation that the government is sincere in its plight to preserve and protect the
people against the NPA," Ltc Trinidad said.

"We urge remaining CNT members to finally lay down their arms and live a peaceful and
normal life together with their loved ones embrace the government and avail the E-CLIP,"
Ltc Trinidad ended.

The 20 FRs will be processed and validated for their enrollment to E-CLIP, a government
intervention package for Former Rebels.



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