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Xavier Ateneo’s Fr Tan presents research on CDO river catchment

February 15, 2020

Xavier Ateneo’s Fr Tan presents research on CDO river catchment ENVIRONMENT SCIENTIST. Fr Mars P Tan SJ, director of XU McKeough Marine Center, presents his research at the 15th National Symposium on Marine Science. Supplied photo.  AKLAN, Philippines — A research paper titled “Sediment Plume Behaviour and Coastal Current Circulation Patterns in the Coastal Marine Environment of the Cagayan de Oro River Catchment” was presented by Fr Mars P Tan SJ, director of XU McKeough Marine Center, at the 15th National Symposium on Marine Science held at the Aklan State University, Banga, Aklan. The research revealed the behavior of river-borne sediment plume as it reached the coastal water and based on the surface current circulation in the bay within the vicinity of the Cagayan de Oro river mouth. To calculate the sediment plume movement and the coastal circulation pattern during certain months, the study employed the Delft 3D modelling tool. The model used information such as wind speed and direction, tidal action, river velocity, water discharge, and suspended sediment concentration to calculate the movement, direction, and reach of the sediments in the coastal water. To qualify the varying effects of bay-forcing factors, three categories based mainly from the suspended sediment concentration and the water discharge rate were made: zero sediment and low water discharge, average sediment concentration and average water discharge, and extreme sediment concentration and very high water discharge. The resulting effects of the modelling showed that the largest amount of sediments was deposited near the mouth of the CDO river and the dispersed plume generally moved in a southeast direction in the bay. The 15th National Symposium on Marine Science was organized by the Philippine Association of Marine Science and Aklan State University, with support from the Aklan provincial government, DENR-UNDP SMARTSeas PH Project, Oceana, DA-BFAR National Fisheries Research and Development Institute, and other environmental organizations of the country. ∎  

Xavier Ateneo, French Embassy renew their partnership on cultural programs

February 15, 2020

Xavier Ateneo, French Embassy renew their partnership on cultural programs   SIGNED (L-R): XU College of Arts and Sciences dean Dr Judy Sendaydiego, Attachée for Higher Education Emma Briffaut, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs Jean-Jacques Forté, Xavier University president Fr Roberto "Bobby" C Yap SJ,  XU VPHED Dr Juliet Dalagan, OICN director Elisabeth Enerio, History/International Studies Department assistant chairperson Gleford Lagcao. Supplied photo.   CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Philippines — The Embassy of France to the Philippines, represented by Jean-Jacques Forté, Counselor for Cooperation and Cultural Affairs, and Xavier University - Ateneo de Cagayan, led by Fr Roberto "Bobby" C Yap SJ, renewed their memorandum of agreement (MOA) last January 21. The MOA underlines the strong relationship existing between the two institutions since 2014, as well as their common commitment to promote French culture and language within Xavier Ateneo. More than a hundred undergraduates of the XU are currently taking French language classes as part of their curriculum. Emma Briffaut, Attachée for Higher Education and head of Campus France-Philippines, presented to students and faculty opportunities to pursue their studies in French institutions.   Briffaut also met with XU faculty who are seeking training or doctoral programs in their fields or opportunities for collaborative research with their French counterparts.   Briffaut stressed the importance of seeking and elaborating links with French higher education institutions.∎ For more information, please visit or  INSPIRING STUDENTS. Jean-Jaques Forté and Emma Briffaut present scholarship opportunities to XU students. Supplied photo.   FURTHER STUDIES. Emma Briffaut presents opportunities for collaborative research to XU faculty. Supplied photo. 

SEC promotes One Person Corporations

February 12, 2020

The Securities and Exchange Commission is promoting the creation of One Person Corporations (OPCs) to address operational and organizational issues inherent in the single proprietorship and regular corporations of the country. “Among the issues addressed by the OPCs are the proliferation of intra-corporate squabbles affecting decision making, liabilities of single proprietorship owners inherent in sole proprietorships, and reportorial and other requirements inherent in the business forms allowed under the old Corporation Code,” said Lee Franco P. Magtrayo, Security Specialist of the SEC Cagayan de Oro Extension office during a seminar on the topic held last January 31st. “One of the key revisions of the Revised Corporation Code (Republic Act no. 11232 or the RCC) which became effective Feb. 23, 2019, (replacing Batas Pambansa Bldg. 68), and removing the minimum number of incorporators required to organize a corporation and allowed the formation of one-person corporation, a corporation with a single stockholder and without a minimum authorized capital stock required,” he added. “As early as the late 80s and early 90s we had already identified that our law on corporations needed to be proactive and dynamic. During our annual strategic planning, we identified provisions in the Corporation Code that we encountered at our level that needed to be amended.,” said Atty. Renato V. Egypto, regional director of the SEC Cagayan de Oro Extension office. “However, our recommendations did not prosper beyond the committee level in both houses of Congress,” he added. “It was only last year that the new law and amendments to the old Corporation Code were operationalized.” Egypto said the roll-out of the OPCs was further delayed by the slow response time on verification of OPC names last year. However this process has been expedited and so far 34 OPCs have already been registered with the SEC CDO Extension Office. “Starting this month, we will hold roadshows outside the city and region in addition to our present in-house seminars,” Egypto noted. “We will be closely coordinating with the chambers of commerce and this will be a year round activity in response to the clamor of businessmen.” Following are some of the salient features of OPCs discussed during the recent orientation seminar: A one person corporation (OPC) is a corporation with a single stockholder, who can only be a natural person, trust or estate. The incorporator of an OPC being a natural person must be of legal age. As an incorporator, the ‘trust’ as used by the law does not refer to a trust entity, but as subject being managed by a trustee. If the single stockholder is a trustee, administrator, executor, guardian, conservator, custodian, or other person exercising fiduciary duties, proof of authority to act on behalf of the trust or estate must be submitted at the time of incorporation. The suffix “OPC” should be indicated by the one person corporation either below or at the end o fits corporate name. The OPC is not required to have a minimum authorized capital stock except as otherwise provided by special law. Section 12 provides that Corporations shall not be required to have a minimum capital stock, except as otherwise specifically provided by special law capital stock required. Not allowed to form OPCs are banks, non-bank financial institutions, quasi-banks, pre-need, trust and insurance companies, public and publicly listed companies, non chartered GOCCs. A natural person who is licensed to exercise a profession may not organize as an OPC for the purpose of exercising such profession except as otherwise provided under special laws. A foreign natural person may put up an OPC, subject to the applicable constitutional and statutory restrictions on foreign participation in certain investment areas or activities. The single stockholder shall be the sole director and president of the OPC. He or she may not be appointed as corporate secretary but may assume the role of treasurer. The single stockholder who also assumes the position of Treasurer shall post a surety bond to be computed based on the authorized capital stock of the OPC. The single stockholder is required to designate a nominee and alternate nominee named in the Articles of Incorporation in the event of death and incapacity.  The written consent of both the nominee and alternate nominee shall be attached to the application for incorporation. The single stockholder may, at any time, change its nominee and alternate nomine by submitting to the Commission the names of the new nominees and their corresponding written consent. The Articles of Incorporation need not be amended. In case the single stockholder becomes incapacitated, the nominee can take over the management of the OPC as director and president. At the end of the incapacity, the single stockholder can resume the management of the OPC. In case of death or permanent incapacity of the single stockholder, the nominee will take over the management of the OPC until the legal heirs of the single stockholders have been lawfully determined and the heirs have agreed among themselves who will take the place of the deceased or disabled. The OPC is not required to submit and file its Bylaws. The OPC shall file its Articles of Incorporation (AI) in accordance with the requirements of Section 14 of the RCC. The AI must set forth its primary purpose, principal office address, term of existence, names and details of the single stockholder, the nominee and alternate nominee, and the authorized, subscribed, and paid-capital and such other  matters consistent with law and which may be deemed necessary and convenient. For more details contact Lee Franco P. Magtrayo, tel # (088) 857-4325 or email  

Oro hosts 3rd Philippine Environment Summit  on Feb 26-28

February 8, 2020

Cagayan de Oro will host the 3rd Philippine Environment Summit with the theme “Paradigm (re)Shift: Heeding Nature” on February 26-28, 2020 at the Grand Caprice Convention Center. This year’s Summit shall showcase programs and projects that contribute to the country’s social and economic advancement while protecting the environment. “Global warming and its flip side, climate change, has starkly revealed that our current paradigm for thinking and doing is unsustainable, and it is now undeniable that we must respect and return to nature’s principles if we are to continue the gains of cultural evolution and to save the environment on which our lives depend,” said  Dr. Angelina P. Galang, President of Green Convergence. The biennial Summit is unique to most fora on the environment that present the dire state of our planet in that it recognizes the countless efforts of many Filipinos who are taking positive steps to counter the destruction. “Our Summit proclaims the good news,” Galang stressed. “We celebrate the Philippine environmental movement, and call for the Filipino people to unite in accelerating the drive towards sustainable development.” Confirmed plenary speakers include Federico Lopez, CEO of the Energy Development Corporation and Mitos Urgel of the World Fair Trade Alliance Asia. Also invited are Hollywood star and environmental activist Leonardo DiCaprio and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno. DENR Secretary Roy Cimatu will deliver the keynote address. Hosting of the summit is rotated among the three major island groups of the country. The Summit was first held in 2016 in Luzon at the SM Mall of Asia, Metro Manila, while the 2018 event was held in Visayas at the Waterfront Hotel, Cebu City. The 2020 Summit will be the first time that Mindanao hosts the event. The 3-day Summit will carry the themes of Safe Food, Healthy Environment, and Sustainable Economy. Each day will have plenary sessions in the morning and breakout sessions in the afternoon. Around 1,000 participants from all over the country are expected to attend. The 3rd Philippine Environment Summit is supported by the Energy Development Corporation and the Forest Foundation Philippines. Those who wish to attend are asked to pre-register at For inquiries, send a message to   REFERENCES:  Dr. Angelina P. Galang President +63 917 853 8841 Jofer B. Asilum Media and Communications Associate +63 921 621 2729 Teresa Oliva Executive Director +63 915 737 0139

Xavier Ateneo, DOH discuss Novel Coronavirus

February 6, 2020

Xavier Ateneo, DOH discuss Novel Coronavirus PRACTICAL ADVICE. Dr Ian Christian Gonzales discusses the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) at Xavier Ateneo. Report and photo by Karl Aparece The Xavier University Health Services Office, in collaboration with DOH Region X, organized a talk about the 2019 Novel Coronavirus (nCoV) given by Dr Ian Christian Gonzales at the XU Little Theater, Saturday, February 1. Dr Gonzales, a lauded alumnus who finished top 2 of his batch in XU Dr Jose P. Rizal School of Medicine, currently heads the management of various public health programs such as TB, HIV, dengue, rabies, and other infectious diseases in Northern Mindanao. He clarified ongoing misconceptions about nCoV, as well as provided practical advice to the concerned populace. Mapping the Novel Coronavirus Gonzales said the 2019-nCoV is one of seven human coronaviruses, some of which are only responsible for the common cold. These viruses are characterized by the crown-like spikes around its surface. Among these are the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS-CoV) and the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS-CoV). SARS-CoV, first recognized in China in November 2002, caused  8,098 probable cases and 774 deaths. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that there have been no known new cases of SARS-CoV since 20041. On the other hand, MERS-CoV has caused a total of 858 associated deaths from 2,494 confirmed infections as declared by the World Health Organization (WHO)3. The 2019-nCoV was first recognized in the city of Wuhan, Hubei province, China. Gonzales said the virus had its genome successfully sequenced in only two weeks, compared to two months for the SARS-CoV . Its symptoms are the same with influenza-like illnesses and can prove fatal to people with existing ailments. As of January 31, there is a total of 9,856 confirmed cases and 213 confirmed deaths from nCoV. If control measures are absent,  an infected person can only infect at most around 2-3 persons as the virus is not airborne. Therefore, having proper hand hygiene is more important than the wearing of face masks. With an “infectivity rate just like the flu and just as dangerous as measles with only a 2% fatality rate compared to SARS at 10% and MERS at 35%”, Gonzales assured that the Novel Coronavirus is not as deadly as its predecessors. Philippines’ medical capacity in emergent diseases As of February 2, the Philippines had reported the first case of nCoV death outside of China. The deceased is the companion of another confirmed case of n-CoV in the country, a 38-year-old female Chinese national who flew to Hong Kong from Wuhan City and thereafter went to Manila, Cebu, and Dumaguete. Local airlines had already started contacting the passengers and crew aboard the flights taken by the couple for quarantine. Moreover, there are currently 31 persons under investigation in the country who either traveled toHubei recently or came in contact with a person positive with the 2019-nCoV. For Northern Mindanao, the lone suspected case in Camiguin Island was confirmed to be negative of the virus and the patient already discharged from Camiguin General Hospital. Two more are being monitored in Cagayan de Oro City’s Northern Mindanao Medical Center for experiencing flu-like symptoms after travelling to China. Gonzales assured that “NMMC and DOH are equipped to manage the case” and that the country is capable of handling the situation with protocols in place and materials in standby should the situation get dire. The main focus as of now is on prevention. The first “line of defence” that Gonzales mentioned is thermal scanning in airports. Everyone with a fever coming in the country will be directed immediately to quarantine personnel for further monitoring. More preventive measures such as as disease surveillance coordinators and epidemiology units around the country regularly report any developments suspicious of the virus. Gonzales reiterated the importance of communication by coordinating updates of the disease with the Department of Education to prevent the spread of misinformation. Gonzales reminded participants to take preventive measure or  HANDS, which stands for: Handwashing regularly Avoid crowds and wild animals Never cough without a handkerchief or tissue Don a mask if sick or in health care settings Seek early consultation

OTC endorses Mindanao Daily Express Transport Coop to CDA

January 31, 2020

The Office of Transportation Cooperatives (OTC) has endorsed the request of Mindanao Daily Express Transport Cooperative (MindexTransCo) to initially operate 15 routes in Cagayan de Oro and some areas in Misamis Oriental. The said endorsement by OTC was sent to the office of Regional Director Glenn S. Garcia of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA) in Cagayan de Oro, for appropriate action. The routes applied by Mindextransco includes: Cugman to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Bayabas to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Bonbon to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Iponan to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Tagoloan to Agora Terminal and vice versa Jasaan to Agora Terminal and vice versa Villanueva to Agora Terminal and vice versa Lapasan to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Lapasan to Carmen Market and vice versa Talakag Bukidnon to Agora Terminal and vice versa Claveria Misamis Oriental to Agora Terminal and vice versa Tagoloan alae Manolo and vice versa Kisanlu Iponan to Limketkai and vice versa Kisanlu Iponan to Gaisano Mall and vice versa Cugman Rc to Cogon Public Market and vice versa Mindanao Daily Express Transport Coop is one of the biggest transport coops to operate in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental. The company will have its garage and shop at the three hectare property along the coastal highway in Igpit, Opol, Misamis Oriental Province. The second garage of the coop will be at the one hectare property inside the Phividec Industrial Estate in Sta Ana Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental, near San Miguel Brewery plant. OFFICE BLESSING On February 18, this year, Mindanao Daily Express Transport Cooperative is all set for inauguration of their head office at Tanleh Building, Consolacion, this city.  It will be participated by top local and national officials from LTFRB, LTO CDO MAYOR, RTA. POLICE,  DBP, LBP and other transport leaders. Mindex Transport Coop has also invited Cooperative Development Authority Usec Orlan Ravanera and and CDA Region 10 Director Glenn S. Garcia to grace the occasion. Mindex Transport Coop is composed of different operators in Cagayan de Oro and Misamis Oriental. Meanwhile, the Dansolihon transport operators headed by its lady president Ms Veronica and Barangay Chairman Rodolfo Tabudlong had expressed their group's intention to join Mindanao Daily Express Transport Cooperative, during a consultative meeting held at the MDN Main office in Cagayan de Oro City last January 17, 2020. Barangay Dansolihon operators has 18 jeepney units already approved for transport vehicles modernization program of the President Rodrigo Duterte. "The intention of Dansoliohon to join Mindanao Express Transport Cooperative is a welcome development. This would mean many benefits not only to our riding public but to the drivers as well," MDN Publisher Dante M. Sudaria pointed out. He said Cagayan de Oro is a fastest booming city and the city's transport sector must also aligned with this development by way of having new and modern transport vehicles and more benefits to the drivers as well. The Mindanao Daily Express Transport Cooperative, Sudaria said, will soon ply modern mini buses in the city as well as other airconditioned modern SUVs to make the transportation industry in the cit becomes more exciting for the riding public. "Kung bag o na ang mga vehicles like these modern transport SUVs and mini buses plying the city then I think mas ganahan ang atong riding nga mao man gyod atong goserbisyuhan," the MDN publisher concluded.  Mindanao Daily Express Transport Coop also announced they are still accepting membership for operators and non-operators. For interested parties, please contact Mindanao Daily Express Transport Cooperative Head Office, Tanleh Building, Abellanosa Street, Cagayan de Oro City. Tel #s  (0917 712 1424; 0975 416 2375  


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