The color of politics

August 10, 2019


WHETHER one likes it or not, the political wannabes come 2022 are now preparing to fortify their camps.

In fact, a rumor is circulating that the camp of Cong. Rolando Uy, of the city’s First Congressional District, has started to test the waters of the city’s second district.

The talked of the town about Rolando Uy running for the city’s mayoral post is now widespread. City Hall, the seat of the city’s local government, is also changing its political color.

From “yellow color,” the political color of the Liberal Party’s of incumbent City Mayor Oscar Moreno, city hall has reportedly gone “green.”

What political color does the green color represent, after all? For those in the know, the “green” color represented the Lakas-CMD political party of Gilberto “Gibo” Teodoro, Jr. when ran for President in May 2010.

Everyone knows that Uy, a congressman without a definite political party, always wanted to play safe. Originally, one of the Padayon Pilipino lieutenants, he severed his ties with the Padayon in order to pursue his ambition to run for Congress in the city’s First District.

Uy has no solid political bailiwick other than the central district of barangay Carmen where he was the incumbent Barangay Chair when he ran for Congress at that time.

Uy’s first victory as Congressman was basically blamed on the other Padayon members who also contested the Congressional seat in the city’s First District.

The Padayon Pilipino fielded an official candidate: Michelle Tagarda, a lawyer and member of the City Council. Tagarda was defeated by Uy with a very slim margin of about 1,800 votes. Padayon blamed the loss to another Padayon member who also ran for Congress without the approval of the Padayon.

There was no need the mention the Padayon candidate who ran against the official Padayon candidate. Had this candidate withheld her intent to run for Congress and, instead, supported the official Padayon candidate, Tagarda would have won the Congressional seat.

Rolando Uy, benefited the Padayon’s internal squabbling in the city’s First District, which helped him won the Congressional seat in 2007. Being the incumbent Barangay Chair of Carmen when he ran for Congress was also a big factor that led to Uy’s victory.

After winning the seat in Congress, Uy has then started to join any national political party that would, of course, strengthen his grip in the city’s First Congressional District.

Thus, Rolando Uy joined the Lakas-CMD and the Liberal Party in the 2013. In 2016, Uy joined the “Aksiyon Demokratiko,” the political party of presidential candidate Grace Poe when she ran as an independent Senatorial candidate and won in 2013. By the way, the Nationalist People’s Coalition was Poe’s original political party.

In contrast, Uy’s son, Joaquin Raenier Uy, was the running mate of Oscar Moreno for the mayoral race in Cagayan De Oro City, under the Liberal Party.

Actually, Uy wanted to join the Liberal Party (LP). However, Mar Roxas, the  presidential standard bearer of the LP, did not response to Uy’s intention to join the LP. The silence of Roxas prompted Uy to aligh with Grace Poe then. Poe, being a common candidate of all other political parties under the “Team Pinoy.”

Anyway, Uy is now promoting the “green color” as his political thumbmark. Thus, City Hall workers surmised that the wearing of the “green color” shirts at the City Hall now signifies Uy clear intention to run for Mayor come 2022 elections.

Well, that is possible. After all, Moreno is in his last term. There are also talks that if Uy runs for Mayor, his son Joaquin would run for Congress in the city’s First District.

No one wonders. In the Philippine politics, those who are in power believes they have the “birth right” to an elective position vacated by a relative, must less, by their parents.

For the intillegent voters, this practice is certainly abominable. However, that is how politics thrived in the country. What make things unfortunate is when the candidate leave a “blackened” political memory after leaving the political arena. However, nobody is interested about leaving a the “worst memento” in public service anymore. For the shrewd politician, what matters is amassing wealth while in power. We just hope our local politicians do not belong to this category at all.




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