‘Romanticizing’ criminals

August 13, 2019


DETAINED Senator Leila de Lima earlier warned   Manila Mayor Isko Moreno not to expose suspected criminals to shame by parading them in public.
Sen. De Lima once again showed her true color –- a self-styled human rights guru gone wrong.  To counsel Mayor Isko Moreno on human rights is passé – none of her business, so to speak.
What Mayor Isko Moreno did was just the presentation of the suspects before the media,   and   there was none of an act of shame done as the good mayor was only hell bent in restoring law and order of the country’s  premier city.
 The mayor’s action is supported by the  PNP Reorganization Act of 1998 and the DILG  Reorganization Act of 1990 which recognizes local executives  the full operational supervision and control of PNP units in their respective areas.
Be that as it may,  Sen. De Lima, being hypocrite as ever, continues to ‘romanticize’ criminals and drug addicts who  prey on innocent victims --  the ordinary people, young and old alike.

Charged with drug-related cases,   the detained senator plans to  file a bill that would explicitly prohibit such practice of ‘parading’ suspected drug addicts and criminals in public.
In jail since February 2017, De Lima was accused of receiving money from drug dealers back when she was Department of Justice secretary.
Meanwhile, Mayor Isko Moreno continues to earn raves from his growing legion of new fans since his term started more than a month ago.
This Harvard-trained  local executive is a savvy on the use of social media that makes wonder for his kind of governance-- trumpeting his achievements so far  such as the  cleaning up of vendor-infested city streets and feces-filled parks in the city of Manila.

During his first two weeks, Moreno  ordered the clean-up of waterways and cracked down on illegally built community police  outposts, demolishing these structures that  serve as haven for unlawful activities.
As the country’s   showcase,   Manila is the first place foreigners see, and that   being so, Mayor Isko Moreno has already shown that the challenges of the city are not insurmountable and can be addressed with political will and commitment.
This early, Manila  becomes ‘photogenic’ again as the brand new mayor continues to comply his campaign promise – to bathe Manila clean and restore law and order in the streets. (ruffy44_ph2000@yahoo.com)




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