‘Nadya’ galvanize bandwagon effect

May 11, 2019


LAWYER Nadya Emano, an incumbent City Councilor of Cagayan De Oro, is the official replacement of for Cagayan De Oro City Mayor “Dongkoy” Emano as a candidate for the vice mayoral post in the midterm election scheduled Monday.
“Dongkoy” Emano, 76, died of Pneumonia, Tuesday morning vacating the Vice Mayoral slot of the coalition political party of the Padayon Pilipino and the Centrist Democratic Party (PDP-CDP).  The unfortunate incident took place, seven days prior to the election on May 13, 2019.
The coalition political party was saddened by the turn of event in the thick of the campaign period. Like the coalition political party, the sympathizers, leaders, and supporters of the revered “Dongkoy” Emano were in a quandary. What happens next?
The Commissions on Election (COMELEC) opined that under the Omnibus Election Code, a substation is allowed when a candidate dies or incapacitated. Under the election law, the members of the family could select and decide to endorse the official substitute of the incapacitated candidate.
In other words, any member of the family bearing the “middle name” or “family name” of the incapacitated candidate could be officially endorsed as the substitute candidate. The substitution of the candidate would last until midday on election day.
With the clock running and the lack of adequate time, the Emano family gathered in a close door conference, a day after the death of Dongkoy Emano Wednesday. It was during the deliberation that the family agreed on a consensus to proclaim Nadya as the official replacement of the candidacy of “Dongkoy” Emano.
During the formal endorsement/proclamation of Nadya, the teary-eyed Governor “Bambi” Emano explained that, undoubtedly his father “Dongkoy” would approve of the family’s decision.
He said that the family has to make a decision to be able to appease the sympathizers, leaders, and supporters of the coalition political party of the Padayon Pilipino-Centrist Democratic Party (PDP-CDP).
The Emano family made the right decision. Nadya Emano is the strongest Mayoral timber. With an impeccable integrity, Nadya could certainly carry out the mandate of the late Dongkoy Emano as the protector and the ally of the less fortunate.
To think of the limited time left, there were questions whether Nadya could carry a bandwagon effect in a short time. For the political observers, the question is moot and academic.
One must remember that Nadya has been in the thick of the campaign as the official spokesperson of Dongkoy. Nadya is already known to the voters in the city’s first and second district since she set foot on the campaign trail.
In other words, the people of Cagayan De Oro know Nadya like any other candidates. Thus, the thought of a bandwagon effect is not a remote possibility.
When “Dongkoy” filed his certificate of candidacy as Vice Mayor, doubts spread like wild fire that “Dongkoy” is already too old to withstand the campaign.
The pessimist also contended that “Dongkoy” is at the disadvantage, because of a younger rival. There are valid doubts of a considerable number of “undecided” voters.
However, the entry of Nadya as a substitute for the Vice Mayoral slot suddenly changes the political playing field. Although, four days are left before the campaign period winds up, many things could happen.
There is now this wider perception that the “undecided” voters would rally behind Nadya. Aside from the undecided voters, Nadya would also get the “sympathy” votes.
Other than the “undecided” and “sympathy” votes, Nadya’s candidacy could amass the “sway votes” to her side and the coalition candidates. The “sway votes” are votes already credited to the rival candidate, but would suddenly shift to the other side on the final day. If the “undecided,” “sympathy,” and “sway” votes gathered as one to support a candidate, the bandwagon effect takes place. Will this happen to Nadya and the coalition political party candidates on E-Day? It may sound weird, but it is possible. -0- email comments/reactions: crisguardian@yahoo.com




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