Middle East remains fragile, Pres. Trump’s reelection seen

January 14, 2020


THE advent of the year 2020 has everyone getting a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities ahead.

The Iran-US conflict almost blew out of proportion. The community of nations followed the unfolding event, up close and personal.

There is no doubt that the delicate Iran-US conflict brought every world leader on the toe. In some corners, those with fertile imaginations were already trying to configure the raising of the Armageddon curtains in the smoldering desert of the Middle East. WWIII!

The unstable price of oil in the world market unprecedentedly moved while oil dependent countries, like the Philippines, expected gloomy days ahead.

In fact, President Rodrigo Duterte called an emergency meeting to reactivate the “task force” that would evacuate Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) in the Middle East. The time of uncertainty was the call of the day.

However, the fidgety international community heaved a sigh of relief with the US stepping a foot backward. Frisky US President Donald Trump cools down when no American casualties were reported. Iran launched a barrage of missile attacks on US bases in Iraq, a few days after the killing of Iran’s top General.

The imminent conflict started with the controversial killing of Maj. General Quasem Soleimani, the top man of the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. Iran accused the US of assassinating Soleimani while about to board a car at the Bhagdad International Airport.

The US accused Soleimani of killing hundreds of Americans in Iraq. Trump alleged that the killing of Soleimani was precipitated following intelligence report that Soleimani was plotting to attack and kill Iraq-based Americans. He said that the timely killing of Soleimani nips in the bud Iran’s sinister plot to kill Americans in Iraq. According to Trump, Soleimani was in the Order of Battle even before he became President. The plan to kill Soleimani was carried out on his order. An armed military drone killed Soleimani while he was about to board his car.

The US prepares the possible consequences and shows that it is ready to meet force with force following the deployment of additional 3,500 US troops a day after the incident.

Contrary to the cooling down of the Iran-US conflict in the surface, Iran’s simmering anger is seething in silence. Candidly, the peace and order situation in Iraq remain unstable. Anytime, the skies in the Middle East will turn into a fireball of an escalated armed conflict.

God Forbids, Nostradamus prophesied that “in the year 2020 in the 10th month plus 10, the man in crimson seating in leather will push the red button. Weapons of war will scem in the sky That same year even holy men will become enemies They will unfairly attempt to suppress the sacred law The believers will die by war and shock.”

In addition, Nostradamus predicted that “Turmp will be reelected US President in 2020.”




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