By Klaus Doring
April 2, 2018


No need to explain headlines and daily news! Killing in every part of the world is unceasing! Warriors go and fight prepared to kill and to be killed with no fear. In the forests, in the streets, a lot of them are found dead bodies spread-eagled. In the rivers and oceans, a lot of them are found floating if not eaten by the hungry sharkes.

But what about those innocent lives who are just victims of war atrocities? Are they prepared to die in such a horrible state? It is sickening to realize that those people are killed within just a flick of a finger by those war-oriented people. Moreoften, we can learn through media about numbers of people dead and injured caused by building and streets bombings, chemical poisonongs (!), and nuclear power testings.

Killings - yes, there will be always killings! Because the Super Powers are in a race to put as many weapons as possible into their allies' hands. The Arm producers are urged and more encouraged to make more weapons and explosives. As the Great Powers never stop intervening in these small countries' affairs, there will be more casualties. Wouldn't it much  better for them to help the Third World countries economically than supplying them with weapons?

How many more innocent lives shall we find scattered in the streets? How  many more of them will be seen floatingin the open seas with shattered bodies? And how many more young and old people will be buried innocently at the bottom of the sea leaving their loved-ones to suffer pain and extreme grief?

War is hell and the world has had enough! When will stability prevail in this world? In one of my previous columns in this corner, several years ago, I asked "Cold War - Hot War?". It was the time, the Ukraine crisis began. Today, let's ask ourselves the same question. And? Homo sapiens - quo vadis? 

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