Top exec mistaken to be seriously ill

January 5, 2020


A TOP official in Misamis Oriental was mistakenly reported to have contracted a serious ailment. It turns out that the official has a namesake who was admitted to a local hospital a day before the New Year’s Eve. The patient was reportedly diagnosed with “Encephalitis,” an illness associated with swelling of the brain.

An informant disclosed that the patient was admitted Dec. 29, 2019 then transferred to the ICU on Dec. 30, 2019. The CYNOSURE is withholding the identity of the patient who reportedly expired a few days after being admitted to the ICU.

In trying to be discreet, the patient insisted to be confined in a private room. Diagnosed with Encephalitis, the patient became restless that the doctors strongly recommended that the ICU was the only option for survival.

To ward off possible further infection that would exacerbate the illness, the ICU was the safest place in the hospital. Apart from disinfectant, visitors in the ICU are regulated that not anybody could simply get into the ICU room.

Normally, a patient with guarded conditions had to be mechanically ventilated and intubated in the ICU. Thus, most ICU patients are threading between life and death. The admission to the ICU is one of the protocols for the hospital staff to closely monitor the patient’s condition.

The confusion grew when reports that the patient expired. Without an official statement, everybody believed that the top executive was the subject referred to. However, the CYNOSURE tried to dip its fingers on grave vine sources, which lead to the true identity of the patient. It turns out that the ill-starred patient was the wife of the consultant of the local government unit in Cagayan De Oro City.

But, what are Encephalitis and its cause? There are a number of “causes” and “risks” associated to Encephalitis.  In its online portal, Encephalitis: Causes, Risk Factors, and Symptoms, Healthline explained that Encephalitis is a |”rare and serious disease.” The same portal said that Encephalitis caused by herpes are dangerous and can lead to severe brain damage and death. SEE

The findings were corroborated by another online health portal: The NHS website, a United Kingdom-based National Health Service. NHS UK contended that in most cases, Encephalitis are often due to a “herpes simplex viruses, which cause cold sores and genital herpes (this is the most common cause of encephalitis).

According to medical studies, the herpes simplex viruses are commonly transmitted through sexual contacts. Poor hygiene is one of the causes of viral infection while other viruses are transmitted through animal, ticks, and mosquito bites. Aside from viral infection, encephalitis normally takes place in a weak immune system.

The long-term symptoms can include physical problems, memory problems, personality changes, speech problems, and epilepsy, the NHS portal said.

Although encephalitis is curable, its severity might render the patient in coma and even death.



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