By Klaus Doring
February 8, 2018


A  little bit more than two weeks. Christmas again. 


Much could be told or written about all the wonderful places worldwide. A lifetime would not be enough to discover the whole world.  Millions of Filipino migrants are still working and living in many countries all over the world. But those  Filipinos are so occupied and tired with work, that on a half-day of not working, they don't even have the energy to go out anymore.

They prefer to rest instead. They work until dawn. There's even no more time letters or send emails anymore. They get up early next day  to do the same activities. Again and again...  They fail to appear on dates or appointments even schedules were already set. On the last minute going out on a free half-day, but suddenly guests arrive who need to be served for example. All these and more make it difficult for the OFW's to find time for themselves. 

Christmas time should let us remember and remind of our beloved ones somewhere out there. Being "there somewhere abroad" is something like being in a garden of roses. Everybody is free to pick up flowers, but surely everybody will not find that easy because the roses are on top of the thorns. Being abroad is even more complicated then that.

Indeed, much has been written and talked about homesickness of mind and heart - especially during Christmas season and the time between "yesterday and tomorrow". 

Many Filipinos stay in countries, where deep winter is reigning right now. Wearing three jackets a day, warm winter clothes and, from the start one must be always in top form, not only lively but also elegantly.

Homesickness usually attacks, when "your people abroad" receive unpleasant notices from home, as I heard many saying before :"Problema at magpadala ka ng pera!"

The loved ones oversea even try to save a little amount for airfares just in case they need to come immediately to their families in the Philippines. Many times they consider the difficulty and complication in sending money home. Many times they can't afford to visit the Philippines for a long time... .

Homesickness comes, when we hear that one if the boys at home doesn't want to go to school anymore. Homesickness comes when misunderstandings between husband and wife or closed friends arise. 

How about me? Sure, homesickness comes also for me, especially during this time. Even living in the Philippines for good since 1999, I am still missing my home country Germany and many people there. Even or especially a cold Holy and Silent Night with deep snow while walking to midnight mass. Season and homesickness... .

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