October 7, 2019



"You are like salt for the whole human race" (Matthew 5, 13).

JUST being back from Manila staying in my office. I found some old clippings from my late grandmother (born 1899!). She taught me many things regarding daily life. I really admired her and didn't care to travel hundreds of miles to her house located in the former East Germany - just to spend a few hours there. The wall and border which divided Germany into two, aggravated such journeys many times. Maybe, I just remember that time, because I happily joined the great celebration of 29 years Germany's unity being in Manila for some days.

That's what I kept in heart and mind from my grandmother. There are innumerable thoughts how to convent bible sayings into reality.

Salt of the earth: People during various activities and occupations. "Black" and "white" meet each other, shake hands, smile... . And old woman selling vegetables in the market. She looks tired but her features still show hope and peace... . Young people, walking through a shopping mall - laughing, joking, being happy... . Fishermen at the shore doing their work in sorting nets... .

Salt on earth: Many things can be like that. Not only during mass service in the church. Not only by preaching. Also these touching hands of my distressed friend, listening to my lonely neighbor; remembering someone and writing him or her a letter or an email. I join others by helping, working, laughing, playing, singing. I listen to love's melody.

Salt of the  earth: Christian life doesn't always mean possessions or property. Christian life is doing something, it's collecting one's thoughts. It's giving and receiving. It's a hug or a smile or comforting talk. Christian life means having as Christian acting people in my surroundings.

Salt on earth: Of course, as we all know: too much salt is also dangerous to our health. But if we plan to live without any salt, we might fail to survive also. Do you know, that wars have been waged and nations have been extinguished because of salt. Salt is more than a simple stabilizer.

Before the refrigerator was invented, salt was a miracle of daily life. Salt made foodstuff keep well. So, let's think about it: if we are part of earth's salt, who are we? Do we bring rottenness or do we preserve and keep well our surroundings?

We should be salt on earth as in  cleaning, helping and healing, but not salt, that brings caustic, corroding and mordant poison in other's life.

Salt on earth without being dumb, mute, silent, stale, and incompetent!


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