Mindanao Daily News turns 8, optimistic about the future

May 18, 2019


Who said that the newspapers have lost significance when the information technology has advanced by leap and bound in modern times? Ten years ago, when the social media and other multi-media platforms revolutionized human communication through the web.
The community of nations is flooded with all forms of information. The web and the social media have given birth to a new form of media. People were enchanted with the technology that the modern society has become a captive sending the fears that the newspaper industry would fold up for good.
However, as the race between the virtual world of information and the newspaper’s hard copy is nearing the finish line, we come to realize that the newspaper would stay around for good.
We recognized that the newspapers have lived up to its standard as the purveyor of truth. In other words, despite the stiff competition between the newspapers and the social media, the former remains the most reliable source of information.
Obviously, the social media has become the source of various information that the controversy over truths, half-truths, and lies have sown disinformation and misunderstanding.
Some platforms in the social media of information do not adhere to the principle of truth that instead of providing factual information, it became the source of chaos and “fake news.”
Everyone believed and welcomed the birth of the social media ‘though. However, after a serious soul searching on the question about truth and as partner of development, nothing can beat the newspapers.
It was in the tradition of fairness and truth that the Mindanao Daily News (MDN) was conceptualized eight years ago on May 18, 2011. The MDN gave its birth at the time when the internet and all kinds of information started to flood the virtual world of the web.
However, in spite of the advent of the internet that virtually shocked the world of information technology, the Mindanao Daily News gradually moves forward.
With the able stewardship of Dante Sudaria, an ambitious and young entrepreneur in the publishing industry, the Mindanao Daily News persevered and the rest was history.
Currently, the Mindanao Daily News newspaper is circulated in every strategic corner of the island of Mindanao. With a circulation of about 30,000 copies, the management sees to it that the newspaper is delivered on time to various destinations in the island.
Eight years after, with an innovative management designed to catch up with the information revolution, the Mindanao Daily News has adopted various strategies to be able to meet the demands of the readership.
Lately, the Mindanao Daily News joined the highly competitive “online” news portal. The idea is for the Mindanao Daily News to disseminate news and stories in real time to the widest readership around the world.
Whether the recent innovation would propel the Mindanao Daily News to reach another height in news information is something everyone is curious in the next eight years to come.
The CYNOSURE, however, is confident that the MDN would continue to adhere to the time honored tradition of the newspapers as an independent  purveyor and forerunner of truth.
To the Mindanao Daily News editorial staff here’s the warmest felicitation from the CYNOSURE. To publisher Danny Sudaria, congratulation, Sir. May your tribe increase. Email comments/reactions: crisguardian@yahoo.com



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