Mankind’s survival hangs in efficient communication

January 21, 2020


WE write about the coming of the new age as the year 2020 unfolds. At the start of the year in January 2020, everyone is apprehensive when the Iran-US conflict almost blow out of proportion.

Fearful of the possible consequences, the community of nations watched the Iran-US tirade with cautions. The angst -ridden doomsayers paint crimson red the Middle East as the horror of a nuclear war circulates around the world.

Not an exception, the Philippines banned Iran-Iraq bound overseas foreign workers. The availability of the state-of-the-art communication technology provided the world an updated development as Iran and United States exchanged barbs. The incident was the offshoot of the killing of Iran’s top General Qassem Soleimani. The US admitted to have perpetrated the killing using an armed military drone.

An updated information provides the protagonists an accurate view of the condition unfolding between the two countries. The community of nations also heaved a sigh of relief as the high emotions between Iran and US subsided amid threats of major attacks.

Had it not for the accurate and timely information about the real condition of the US-based troops in Iraq, things would have been different. The Iran-US simmering barbs remind us of the various war events that shaped the world.

For instance, the assassination of the Archduke Ferdinand of Austria started a chain of events leading to WW1 in 1914, which ended in 1918.

The WWII (1936-1945) was caused by Germany’s violation of the Versailles Treaty. The peace treaty was signed by Germany, Japan, and Italy, which ended WW1.

While scholars and war analysts outlined a number of causes that precipitated world war the issue about misunderstanding and miscommunication among diplomats was listed as one of the top causes of war.

An accurate and timely information through an efficient and effective communication between arguing countries is an ingredient to prevent the possible escalation of conflict.

Certainly, the prudent exercise of timely and accurate communication has prevented the rash and aggressive moves of either Iran nor US that might have ended in a major armed conflict in the Middle East.

With the cooling down of Iran and the US, the world appears to be safer at the moment. In spite of the thaw, the relationship between the two countries remains fragile. In no time, the Iran-US conflict might erupt anew. However, with an efficient communication and adept diplomacy, world leaders believed that a major armed conflict could be easily resolved.

The world is fortunate to have been gifted of an advance communication technology as the new millennium sits in. In the years ahead, communication technology will dictate the fate of the human race.



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