It’s Our 8th Anniversary Today! Thank You Partners!

May 18, 2019


For eight years now,  Mindanao Daily  remains dedicated to public service for Mindanao communities and beyond. We constantly adhere to the tenets of truth and justice as a tool of community and civic journalism.

To celebrate this anniversary, we renew our commitment as Mindanao’s  voice and source of information for the world to see. Thus, our renewal is now bolstered with full digitalization of our newspaper. We will compete with social media and on-line publications for the sake of Mindanao’s economic and political development.

Technology  has changed  the newspaper business model here and elsewhere in the world. We took this challenge  to sustain our mission of quality, relevance and excellence, thus our motto: We innovate and we lead. With this, we will nurture and sustain our digital future.

Our printed newspapers and our digital platforms are now in full blast to efficiently serve our readers, our business partners and advertisers.

Join us as we aim to be the largest and most visited news and information site in the regions and invite a significant digital subscriber  base.

While our on-line publications are tools to compete in the digital world, the Mindanao Daily print version is our performing foundation, with its strong advertiser base and vibrant readership.  We cater to small and medium enterprises; big business companies; and government offices.

We have surpassed our most challenging economic moments when public and business response came pouring in. This was coupled with the acclaims on our CSR projects like the Mindanao Governance and Leadership Excellence awards  which was held last March 10 at Luxe Hotel in Cagayan de Oro City. 

On August  this year, we will be holding our 5th  Journalism  Excellence Awards for Schools and other non-mainstream journalists; and on October, this year, we will be co-producing with BusinessWeek Mindanao, the 8th Mindanao Business Leaders and Entrepreneur Awards. 

We will also continue helping public education and  campus journalism with higher levels of education coverage , and  create new forms of community engagements for this.

Print journalism with on-line publishing is now in an exciting period of change and evolution. A vibrant press  is the foundation of democracy.  It is a catalyst of good governance  and healthy communities. On behalf of the MINDANAO DAILY & BUSINESS WEEK  family, I thank you for your  un-ending support. We  pledge to  continue as your sincere partner in news and information dissemination.

Yours truly,

President & CEO



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