September 26, 2020


SOMETIMES, I feel paralyzed with anger. Strong words. Yes, sometimes there is no sense in crying or being mad, but we feel paralyzed. A good friend of mine told me that a couple of days ago. Words cannot describe it and words fail me, but I wouldn't be a writer, if I couldn't express the right words at the right moment.

After the long talk with my friend, I must confess that, many times, I also felt speechless and paralyzed.

In difficult times like right now,  follow ups seem to become the new national and international character. Indifferent people in our surroundings let us feel like that every day. Indifference seems to become one of the varagies in today's new society.

We try to get an appointment, but the other side seems to be very busy - every day of the week! Of course, we don't want to encroach in other people's time. Let's try again tomorrow! How do you feel, if you observe certain employees, who should be in service of the people, instead of reading a magazine, doing private telephone calls, doing (important!) text messages and getting down-right cheeky, if we started uncounted follow ups. Then, suddenly, we have to learn that "the boss is out of town" or so... . Grabe.

Yes, I might fall out of favor with some readers with today's column, but guys, what's the difference between being busy, making a good deal of money out of something and just being indifferent or "not in the mood" to entertain people.

I can tell you frankly: Many people feel paralyzed and experience a terrible loss of power of movement or sensation while dealing with uselessness, if indifference, arrogance and ignorance determine the different situations in our daily life.

If the promise has been given to help or support someone, it shouldn't be broken by endless excuses and terrible stalling tactics. A "YES" is a "YES" and a "NO" should be a "NO" and not "MAYBE", if a promise can't be held understandable and comprehensive.

I don't like to let somebody wait for an answer or during an appointment. I try to look after it or take care of it. If I have been informed that somebody tried to contact me, but missed me, I really do everything to find him or her. What's bad about it? Sorry, I really don't like being late or "remain silent"... .

How many good ideas and highly appreciated business deals had gone with the wind because of uncomprehending, unsympathetic and unappreciated everyday deals between fellow creatures? Can you get the hang of it? Especially in times of "new normality" we should try our very best to stay in contact with our environment people.

Yes, sometimes I also feel uncomfortable while observing lost chances. The present is bad enough! Remember: we don't get anything for nothing in the whole word - sure! But first, we should learn how to keep promises, to help each other, to be honest and to be one of the leaders of national stabilization and consolidation.


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