Be Prepared: The year of curiosity, anxiety starts

January 3, 2020


THE advent of the year 2020 starts the year of curiosity and adventure in the next 30 years and beyond. The world rolls in the rough seas of the new period as it traverses to another decade of uncertainties and guarded optimism.

Looking forward, the world would be clutching with the advancement of technology. Thus, in an effort to be at pace with the demands of the time.

It is, as it is happening now, obvious that technology has aggressively captured the heart of humanity to a higher level. A level where authenticity becomes doubtful to the human senses.

Don’t get wrong! The transgender has already stained the indisputable distinction of the human gender. The identity of Eunuchs would have been more appropriate than a “transgender man” or a “female transvestite.” The signs of the time are clear, although it continues to perplex the values of humanity.

In the next five years or earlier, flying cars will rule the skies in the country. The traffic congestion would definitely be a goner. With the onset of rail transit in major cities in the Philippines, the traffic congestion that kills the billions of daily profits for commercial business would be bygone. At the moment, more than P 2 billion is lost daily in the National Capital Region (NCR) due to unnecessary delays in business deals and transactions.

Even the minor cities, like Cagayan De Oro City, is a victim of the notorious traffic mess. While the ineptness of local officials could be one of the factors, among the culprits are the natural development of cities, the affordability of cars, the growing population, inadequate engineering and infrastructures that could directly address the traffic problem. Thus, the coming of the flying cars is the awaited innovation of the new era.

Moving forward to the next 20, the question of identifying “transgender” and “transvestite” would be easier as touching the apps of the smart phones. A new innovation, however, would be added to the current Quick Response (QR) Code or Bar Code scanners/reader applications. The additional feature could be the Retina Code Reader/Scanner (RCR). The apps would be integrated in the smart phone – not as a password to unlock the phone – it would be used to scan whether one is dealing with a human or not! Don’t look now! The development of “artificial intelligence” with human-like flesh and mimicking the actions of human is never far fetched.

Sophia, the AI developed by David Hanson Robotics in Geneva, Switzerland, is sending a strong message that the dawn of the robots has unfolded. Sophia talks like human and discusses even complex issues like religion and faith.

It would not be long that the robots and AI, mimicking as humans, would be common in the city’s streets. The job of the humans is to determine the robots and other animated objects that would certainly be around us.

Everyone on the planet is connected with one another in the next 30 years. Aside from information about anything on the planet, all information about an individual would be available in the internet. There is no escape as technology imprisons the values of humanity.

The AI and robots would greatly influence the economy and the direction of politics. While the AI and robots are primarily developed to lighten the workloads of human (mentally and physically), in the long run, the presence of AI and robot would be a threat to mankind. Without argument, any human being could disable the robot by disabling its power supply. However, when the robots make the first destructive move, the losses would be beyond expectation before it could be stopped. Scary!

Whether one likes it or not, the world is destined toward an animated and robotic AI in the next 40 years and beyond. The time of curiosity and anxiety has come. Be Prepared!



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