Bambi: The Man of the Masses II

January 17, 2020


Gov. Bambi Emano, of Misamis Oriental, has taken much of the traits of the late venerable “Dongkoy” Emano. Everyone knows that “Dongkoy” spent his life in serving the less fortunate, especially the deprived tribal folks.

The Lumads in Misamis Oriental christened the late “Dongkoy” Emano as “Datu Pilipino” in a tribal ceremony attended by the seven tribal leaders of Misamis Oriental and Bukidnon. Datu is the highest position of any member of the tribal community.

Bambi might pale in comparison to his father “Dongkoy” as the man of the masses. However, Bambi’s warm treatment of the tribal folks clearly indicates that Bambi inherits the priceless values from his father.

While the provincial government was celebrating the “Kuyamis Festival” in festive mood this year, Emano visited a tribal community in Sinalac, a hinterland in the town of Initao.

Sinalac, a hinterland village, is home to the Higa-onon community. Accompanied by the Mindanao Overland Expedition, a group of off-road enthusiasts from Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao, Emano distributed food supply to the tribal community.

So grateful of the tribal community that Datu Mabalao Aniano Cunomon warmly thanked Gov. Bambi Emano of the magnanimous gesture. “The administration of Bambi Emano brings us back the memories of the late “Dongkoy” Emano as the only administration that gives importance and shows concern to the plight of the tribal folks in Misamis Oriental,” Cunomon said.

Bae Joy, another Higa-onon, also expressed gratitude to the “Magbabaya” (Tribal God) for making Bambi Emano an instrument of the blessings that the tribal community did not expect from past provincial administration.

"Salamat sa blessing nga gihatag karon ug wala ko damha nga moabot kini sa akong kinabuhi, dili nako matukib ang akong pasalamat sa halangdon Gobernador Bambi Emano” (We thank you for the blessings because we never expect this to come us. We will never forget the generosity of Gov. Emano), Bae Joy said.

No doubt, Bambi has inherited the most valuable trait of his late father “Dongkoy.” As a boy, Bambi always accompanies his father’s visits of the Lumads in the hinterland villages of Misamis Oriental. Bambi witnessed how the Lumads loved his father then. Certainly, “Dongkoy” did not fail in nurturing Bambi into a man of the deprived and the less fortunate. The legacy of being loved by the people is enshrined in Bambi’s heart as an heir apparent of the well-deserved accolade: The “Man of the Masses II.”



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