Singapore's Science Observatory captures livestream on Annular Eclipse

December 26, 2019


PEOPLE witnessed the Annular Eclipse which is a rear phenomenon on Singapore Science Centre Observatory captured on a livestream.

It is a type of phenomenon, wherein the moon was very far from the Earth. As such, the moon becomes smaller and it did not block the sun's entire view, thus forming what it seems to be a "ring of fire" effect.    

This rare phenomenon was also seen in some areas in Guam, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Philippines and Northern Mariana Islands.

Some parts of the Philippines also witnessed this rare phenomenon like in Davao Oriental, and in Balut and Batubalaki in Sarangani, Southern Philippines.  

TRIVIA: Do you know that the Philippines last witnessed an annular eclipse on July 20, 1944 that traversed Puerto Princesa City, Palawan to Southern Mindanao? The next similar astronomical event in the country will be on February 28, 2063 or 44 years from now.




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