Stanley Dragon Boat Ass’n of HK to officiate: All set for 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race

January 17, 2020

Residents and visitors to Cagayan de Oro will be treated to another spectacle when the 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race gets going on January 25-26, 2020 at the Cagayan River along Barangay Kauswagan. “Dragon Boat Kagay-an operates on a skeletal force to minimize high overhead costs,” said Dragon Boat Kagay-an President and Race Organizer John W. Asuncion. “We would like to ask everyone’s cooperation by sending the accomplished registration forms as early as possible.” The spectacle gets going on Friday, January 24 with the Water Test and Team Manager’s Meeting at New Dawn Hotel Plus at 5PM. The race proper will feature 200 meter short boat races on Saturday, January 25 and 500 meter short boat races on Sunday, January 26. Some 22 teams of approximately 350 paddlers and crew have signed up so far to join the races. There will be 3 categories for the 200-meter races (Short Boat Open, Short Boat Open U24 and Short Boat Mixed U24) and two in the 500 meter races (Short Boat Open U24 and Short Boat Mixed U24). Eight teams have already signed up for the Corporate Category include the following: River Star Aggregates; Oroport Cargo Handling Services Inc.;  Chinese Community of Cagayan de Oro;  Cagayan de Oro Volunteer Fire Brigade; Cocorica-Pizzarella Lancers; San Miguel Beer Dragons; Sutherland-Dragon Warriors Davao; and AISAT (Asian International School Aeronautics and Technology) - Hiraya Minokawa Dabaw. Four teams will be competing so far in the Government Service Category: Fire Breathers (BFP, PNP, AFP, PNA); Cantilan Red Dragons – LGU; Rainbow Dragons of the Office of Cong. Klarex Uy; and Haguroz Dragon Boat Team (Tagbilaran Bohol LGU). However, competition is expected to be stiffest in the Under-24 (U24) category where ten team have already signed up to join: Cantilan Red Dragons;  Banawa Paddlers (formerly KTD); Liceo Dragonoids; Rapid Riders; CGY Oro Dragons; St. Mary’s School PE Class Team A;  St. Mary’s School PE Class Team B; Brave Heart Dragon Boat Team; River Star Aggregates and Dragon Warriors Davao.  “We will also be auctioning 4 pcs. of 2nd hand carbon fiber paddles exclusively for participants to the 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race,” Asuncion said. “Paddles will be numbered and can be inspected 10minutes before auction starts. Auction is on Jan 25 (Saturday), 630am at the race site. Starting bid is set at P2, 000 and only cash payments will be accepted.” To encourage more participants to join the races, Dragon Boat Kagay-an will provide a helm and/or drummer free-of-charge (specially for newly formed teams), Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) will be also be provided for free and free school billeting for out-of-town teams. “Three lucky teams participating in the 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race will dine at New Dawn Hotel Plus’ Topview Restobar, P.O.P.S. All-Filipino Eatery and Boy Zugba on Jan 25!” Asuncion said. “New Dawn Hotel Plus is our Official Partner Hotel for the 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race and special discounts will be given to participating teams for their meals and accommodations,” he added. Gracing this year’s race will be five  officials from the prestigious Stanley Dragon Boat Association, Hong Kong (the race organizer of Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships) who will be conducting a training course for aspiring race officials. Over the past four decades, the Stanley Residents Association has been integral in the growth and evolution of Dragon Boating - from being a long standing Chinese tradition to being one of the most popular international water sports today. The annual Stanley International Dragon Boat Championships held in Hong Kong stands today as one of the largest tournaments of its kind with over 220 teams joining in the festive competition from around the world. The Basic Dragon Boat Race Official Training Course will be held from January 22-26  by Mr. Edwin Hou, Vice Chairman of the Stanley Dragon Boat Association, Hong Kong. The training includes 10 hrs. of classroom sessions,12 hrs. of hands-on officiating during the race, written and oral examinations, post-race evaluation, assessment and recommendations, and signed certificates for the successful trainees. “We already have 25 participants for this free course,” Asuncion said. “Actual hands-on examination will be during the 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race on January 25-26. However, our trainer has graciously offered to open five more slots for the course.” Participants to the Race Officials Training Course include local teams (Brave Heart, Ateneo Blue Dragons, St. Mary’s School Team Eeezeh),  Cebu (Cebu Pink Paddlers), Cantilan, Surigao del Sur (Cantilan Red Dragons), Davao (Hiraya Minolawa,Team Hydra DBT, Amihan),Iligan City, and Hong Kong (Spanish Dragons). Through the efforts of Mr. Ian Zapanta, St. Mary’s School will host the Race Officials Training Course. “It makes it more meaningful being the first school to adopt Dragon Boat Racing as part of their P.E. curriculum,” Asuncion noted. The 2nd Spring Festival Dragon Boat Race is sponsored by Rep. Klarex Uy (1st District, Cagayan de Oro), Barangay Carmen through Bgy. Chair Lorna Uy, Vice Mayor Kikang Uy and New Dawn Hotel Plus (Official Partner Hotel).

Yam Concepcion stars in 'Night Shift' horror movie

January 14, 2020

Writer/director Yam Laranas and actress Yam Concepcion work together for the first time in “Night Shift”, Viva Films’ first horror presentation in cooperation with Alliud Entertainment for the year 2020. Set in a hospital morgue, the movie revolves around a pathologist’s assistant named Jessie who’s working on a straight shift one stormy night.  She doesn’t believe in the afterlife, but she is suddenly creeped out by the strange sounds that seem to be coming from the cadavers.  She cannot shake off the feeling that they seem to be coming back to life.  As her fear intensifies, Jessie begins to ponder on the idea of the Final Judgment.  And if indeed the day has come that people rise from the dead, she is tormented about meeting her own end.   Yam Laranas has been praised for his previous horror movies, such as “Aurora” (2018), “The Road” (2011), and “Sigaw” (2004), for which he won a Special Award at the Brussels International Festival of Fantasy Film (BIFFF).   In an interview conducted by on how to make a horror movie, Laranas said, “I want to see what’s real out there and I translate them into (a) real scary (story) because that has a connection to a lot of people…It becomes relatable.  And when you translate that into something horrifying, it touches people’s fears, nightmares and skeletons in their closet.” He also added that “location is another character in a horror film.  It is where fear and paranoia are created.”  This statement is well depicted in the movie trailer where Yam Concepcion is seen all alone in cold hallways with flickering lights, a room with rows of beds with cadavers, Yam running from what appears to be a group of zombies, and more.   The director also points out the importance of music in elevating the fear and enhancing the mood of the horror movie.  That’s why he has teamed up once again with the award-winning gentlemen (Oscar Fogelström and Albert Michael Idioma) that created the music and sound for “Aurora”.  “I am impressed how efficient every single one is in the team,” wrote Yam Concepcion in one of her Instagram posts that shows her in the set of their movie.  She commends director Yam Laranas for being a good leader that runs the whole production.  She further wrote, “So lucky to be part of this movie project and to be working with all of you.”   .   This is Yam’s first lead role in a horror movie.  She was very convincing as a villain in the drama series   “Halik” on ABS-CBN, it’s about time she shows us her acting prowess in the horror genre, especially with the big twist that the movie has in store.   “Night Shift” opens in cinemas on January 22, 2020.  

Krispy Kreme flexes Original Glazed and more in 2020

January 7, 2020

  KRISPY Kreme is known for our sweet treats. However, what we want to provide our customers something that goes beyond what they put in their mouths. We want to satisfy their sweet tooth and treat them by providing happy moments every time they encounter Krispy Kreme in any kind of way.   With this, we ask, "What else can we offer to satisfy the cravings of our customer?" And we in Krispy Kreme Philippines thought: timeless, craveable American treats.   Krispy Kreme being known as a provider of Sweet Treats, we will go the extra smile for our fans and even non-customers.   With this, we have come up with the Krispy Kreme Popcorn in two of our most iconic flavors: Original Glazed and Chocolate Glaze that will surely be a hit among our fans!   Anchoring our 2020 products on Original Glazed doughnuts to further amplify our brand efforts, our iconic world-famous melt in your mouth doughnuts are now in Choco Hazelnut.   We have come up with an Original Glazed doughnut, lightly glazed with Chocolate Hazelnut. The Chocolate Hazelnut Glazed Doughnut will surely be a hit among our fans as this flavor has a great following in the Philippines especially with the popularity of Nutella. This will be available in vanilla cake and cake bites and will be included in the assorted box of nine bites.   As Filipinos are heavy smackers and are always on the go, it is just the right time for us to finally launch the OG Bites - our bestselling melt in your mouth doughnut in a bite-size format.   It will be positioned as part of our Bites lineup and will be available in six: OG Bites Cup of seven, pre-assorted box of nine, OG Bites Bucket of 24 and OG Bites Bucket of 45 .

Amazing Tech innovations for 2019 Revealed

January 4, 2020

Well, Year 2020 is pretty much interesting with the advent of the emerging tech innovations that brought tech savvy people more concern about safety and data breach challenges. While technology brings '"ohh and ahh" to everyone of us but it also brings dangers and risks to humans. Have you tried listing your top tech innovations for 2019? Oh common, even if we don't belong to the so-called millennial and to the tech savvy human beings, we need to be upgraded also of the latest in technology. Whether we like it or not, we also belong to this new world, wherein, technology matters. It's our life now...common it's Year 2020 now. Embrace the new world of gadgets and tech innovations! Okay, here are my top 4 tech innovations, have you? 1. IoT  In my country, it sounds "oh yeah" or sexual intercourse but it's not what you are thinking man! It is "Internet of Things" though. And it is one of the hot topics for tech experts in 2019. They said that while IoT brings good news to everyone but it also, likewise, poses threats to every user. Now for the ordinary people, what is IoT? Well, we will discuss this step by step to make things clearer to us, right? IoT, or what is known as the "Internet of Things" is actually referring to over billion devices all over the globe which are all connected to the worldwide web or what is commonly known as the Internet. These devices are connected to the net either by wi-fi or sensors. Many call it a giant connectivity of devices serving different purposes. It is basically a giant network of different objects that are dependent on the internet. They collect data and this huge data is analysed and exchanged in many different process of all these devices.    Tech expert company Gartner said around 8.4 billion IoT devices were used in 2017. Some of these IoT-connected devices are washing machine, a phone, refrigerator, watch and even a car. It's also been tried and tested that IoT can become components of systems and machines including an airplane engine as well as oil rig. This year, it is predicted that IoT devices is expected to hit 20.4 billion. Spending’s for IoT all over the world has reached to a whopping $2 Trillon in 2017. IoT is simply digital intelligence that makes every device smarter than that of its own usage. When devices are connected to IoT, they become smarter. Among the best examples are a smart refrigerator, a smartwatch and a smartphone of course! So when you are at a grocery store and you forgot to open your ref to see what's lacking, you just simply connect to your connected ref to your smartphone and you can already see your ref in just a blink of an eye. Wow, my ref has no more "red wine," Oh yeah, I need to buy one haha." You see the scenario? That's the ultimate power of IoT. 2. Blockchain Sounds familiar? Yeah, the blockchain concept became talk of the town in 2019 when Facebook announced it is going to introduce a new currency. Of course, there were mixed reactions of this announcement. Other people and loyal Facebook fanatics supported the idea of Mark Zuckerberg but other quarters responded negatively to this new currency. But despite strong oppositions, Facebook executives vowed to introduce this again at the right time. Well, there are a lot of groups who explored the possibility of implementing blockchain purposely to remedy the threats of money transactions all over the web. "Blockchain came down crushing from its peak of hype cycle, and that's probably for the best," said Julia Moiseeva, a member of the community's leadership group and founder of CLaaS (C-Level as a Service) Management Solutions Ltd, in the release. "Now that the luster of novelty and furor of the masses are gone, the dynamic of work around blockchain took a complete U-turn, again, for the best." Artificial Intelligence (AI) Well, well, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also one of the best tech innovations impacting how businesses interact with customers through the intelligent bots and websites, according to a report. The biggest impact on this technology was on the retail as well as the healthcare industry. Maddy Martin, community vice chair and also's head for growth and education, says "The largest impacts across all industries—from retail to healthcare, hospitality to finance—are felt when AI improves data security, decision-making speed and accuracy, and employee output and training." "With more capable staff, better-qualified sales leads, more efficient issue resolution, and systems that feed actual data back in for future process and product improvements, companies employing AI technologies can use resources with far greater efficiency. Best of all, as investment and competition increase in the AI realm, costs are reduced," she adds. 4. 5G 5G networks also made headlines in many online tech innovations for 2019. In fact, the war between tech giant Huawei and US President Donald Trump has made China decide on making its own 5G platform to continue operating all over the globe even without using the US internal operating system. (iOS) CompTIA reports that the rise of 5G networks is tremendously increasing human's ability to move, analyse and manipulate the wireless platform. This year and the coming years, there will be more astounding innovations and upgrades for the 5G network, according to the report.  "The development and deployment of 5G is going to enable business impact at a level few technologies ever have, providing wireless at the speed and latency needed for complex solutions like driverless vehicles," says Michael Haines, community chair and director of partner incentive strategy and program design for Microsoft. Wither we like it or not, but technology will continue to evolve to give mankind more interesting technology, gadgets and internet-powered inventions and innovations. These are all for the new millennium powered by internet and technology. And it is only in embracing this amazing development that will also rise for us to benefit.          

The Manila Jockey Club launches The Front Runner

December 20, 2019

The Manila Jockey Club bookended its 150th anniversary with a book launch of its sesquicentennial coffee-table book “The Front Runner”. The historic launch at the Manila Golf & Country Club on December 16, 2019 was attended by no less than Manila Jockey Club’s executive chairman Alfonso R. Reyno, Jr. and MJC president Alfonso Victorio G. Reyno III.   The Front Runner captures in insightful text and beautiful images MJC’s run through Philippine history from being the favored pastime sport of the social elite more than 150 years ago to being the enduring, thrill-a-second populist sport that it is today. Within its 300 pages, the book takes the reader through the history of horse racing in the Philippines, through two wars—the Philippine Revolution and World War II—and through the historic transfer of the hippodrome from San Lazaro, Manila to the modern race tracks of the newly built San Lazaro Leisure Park in Carmona, Cavite.   “No such chronicle of horse-racing history has been produced before,” pointed out Attorney Reyno III. “The book captures the essence of how horse racing was born and kept alive in the Philippines over the course of 150 years, and how MJC played a central role in all that.”   Also at the launch were members of the MJC book-project team led by MJC Director, Corporate Counsel & General Counsel, Atty. Ferdinand. A Domingo, MJC COO and VP for resource administration Attorney Peter G. Zagala, MJC VP for marketing Eduardo Ramirez de Arellano and MJC VP for MIS Carlos S. Tan.  Ramoncito Ocampo Cruz, the CEO and executive/creative director of Media Wise Communications, a many-time winner of the prestigious Anvil and Quill publication awards, said that producing The Front Runner showed how MJC “has evolved over time, and how it continues to innovate and gallop toward a rosier future through bold business strategies and strategic partnerships.”

Markado opens Cine de Oro Film Festival with SRO debut

December 17, 2019

The first edition of Cine de Oro Film Festival opened to a full house at Limketkai Cinema 3 on December 15, 2019. The festival’s opening film, Joe Bacus’ Markado: The Moon Devourer was met with overwhelmingly positive response from audiences as the film drew to an end. The culmination of three years of hard work finally came to fruition when the film, after touring the world at various film festivals, finally came home to a Kagay-anon audience. “Add to the fact that the screening took place at a Kagay-anon cinema (Limketkai Cinema), this is truly an event where Kagay-anons came together as one,” noted Julienne Ilagan, CDOFF Managing Director. Writes close friend and fellow film maker Adam Anay: “MARKADO: The Moon Devourer is the first full-length feature film of Kagay-anon film director Joe Bacus and it is the opening feature film for the Cine de Oro Film Festival 2019.” “This genius piece of art received awards in various international film festivals and for the first time, it is shown in Cagayan de Oro - her hometown and her inspiration. This three-year worth of work is a masterpiece.” “Three things I applaud this film for.”  “First, a solid storyline filled with thorns that will make you bleed a little: It creates an illusion that this film is all about a certain social issue that you are familiar with. Displaying death and killings in the streets of the city, the gang wars of local crime lords and the poor family caught in the middle of all these.”  “However, it takes you to a roller coaster turn of events that are completely out of the picture that will keep you asking about the holes and gaps in the timeline. It playfully breaks stereotypes and creates multi-level conflicts with characters as if destiny is playing a joke on all of them.”  “Bacus pays homage to the victims of flood that destroyed the city a few years ago. He even called it the darkest night Cagayan de Oro has experienced. The flood is weaved throughout the film like how it cuts across the whole place.”  “It beautifully uses metaphors and foreshadowing in revealing the real problems and the origins of Sab, the female protagonist. This film makes you think, it validates all of your assumptions and then it blows your mind.” “Second, workmanship:  The film is composed of shots of people and dolls. Yes, half of the film is in a stop motion format. MARKADO uses these scenes thoughtfully and creatively giving a completely new dimension to the visual storytelling and the ingenuity of the format.” “It gives your eyes a break from the faces of the actors as you get to be transported into another creative reality. Bacus decided to use these scenes carefully to portray intense scenes making it easier for the viewer to watch but still keeping the vivid imagery necessary for the act.”   “Nothing was done in bad taste. I can only imagine all the grueling hours and days they have spent to make those stop motion scenes possible.” “Third, originality: This is a never been told narrative. It is not for the faint of heart. It is a celebration of stories and art pulled together to be an hour length product.”  “After the film, Direk Joe said that it was a collection of stories and realities he has personally heard and experienced in the city. I think this is why the film is so resonant – it is a mash-up of the collective identity of our city. It’s all our stories placed together paced in a thrilling and exciting manner. You can easily identify as Sab, as Ed, or as Mandy or any of the character -mere products of fiction but reflects reality.” “This film is Bacus’ attempt in starting a cultural film revolution in the city where creators and artists try to explore the beauty of Southeast Asian Cinema instead of ascribing to the typical Hollywood formula. It tries to write the story of the Kagayanon and his plight to understanding more about himself despite forgetting his roots. It challenges us to tell the difficult stories left in the dark and untouched like the moon. “ “Bravely leading the cavalry to the frontiers of knowing the origins, Bacus never fails to surprise and to deliver.” “The screen showed Sab one more time, regal and vulnerable at the same time. It faded into pitch darkness and that was when I have realized that she is home. MARKADO has come home.” After the screening, Bacus went onstage to introduce the team and thank everyone who came and supported the festival’s opening. “For a film community to thrive in a city, there must first be audience development,” he observed. “That is why we chose to program many kinds of films and voices in this year’s Cine de Oro film lineup, in order to educate audiences on our roots in Asian storytelling and break free from mainstream Hollywood sensibilities.” He then invited everyone to attend the subsequent short film screenings at the Limketkai Activity Center on the second floor from 1-5PM and at Kanto 6-11PM where people can watch some of the best films by storytellers from all of Mindanao and Asia. Cine de Oro Film Festival is organized by Imoortals and Blackfish Productions with the support of  Limketkai Center, Limketkai Mall, Limketkai Cinemas, Limketkai Luxe Hotel, Kanto, Gamba Music & Sports, Pane e Dolci, Backyard BBQ, Wheels, Mykarelli’s Grill, 1A Express, Cagayan de Oro City Mayor Oscar Seriña-Moreno, the Film Development Council of the Philippines, Primavera Residences, Uptown Condotel with BusinessWeek Mindanao, Mindanao Daily and Metro Cagayan de Oro Times as Media Partners. Adam Anay adores Mindanao literature and folklore. He works in promoting cohesive communities on the island through communication and empowerment. He is the Class Valedictorian of Xavier Ateneo’s DevCom Class 2017. He was also cited as one of the 2017 Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines and currently works as Tech Camp Coordinator for Equal Access International – Philippines.


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