Top cop who ordered Mayor Parojinog killed now on Duterte's "narco list"

By MDN Digital News Team
February 13, 2020


METRO MANILA - Believe it or not, but one of the toughest policemen in the country who have the balls to stop the Parojinogs of Ozamis City reportedly for illegal drugs, is now included in the latest "narco list" of President Rodrigo Duterte. 

The top cop who have successfully stopped the control of the Parojinog clan in Ozamiz City and its neighboring cities and provinces is Lieutenant Colonel Jovie Espenido. He is reportedly included among the 357 policemen on the president's drug watch list.

MDN exerted efforts yesterday in contacting the beleaguered police official but all efforts proved futile. 

In a report by Sunstar Manila, the source who had requested anonymity for his own safety alleged that Col Jovie Espenido is now an alleged protector of Parojinog rivals in the drug trade in Mindanao.

The Parojinogs in Ozamis were responsible in the creation of "Kuratong Baleleng" which started as a private army of the Parojinogs against the New People Army (NPA) but later turn into criminals involved in a spate of robberies, hold ups and other forms of criminalities not only in Mindanao but also in Metro Manila.

It was learned that Espenido was among those relieved of current post in the latest revamp of police officers. He was reportedly reassigned at the PNP National Headquarters, particularly at the office of the PNP Chief.

It can be recalled that Col Espinedo was reassigned in Ozamis City to help in the neutralization of drug traficking in Ozamiz and elsewhere in Mindanao reportedly under the operation of the Parojinog drug syndicate. 

He was the chief of police when Mayor Reynaldo Parojinog's house was raided by his team on July 30, 2017. During the raid, the mayor died and fourteen of his men.

The Mayor's son Reynaldo Jr and daughter Nova Princess, then the vice mayor of Ozamiz, are still in prison for illegal drug charges filed against them in court.

The new PNP chief Archie Gamboa when asked by the media did not confirm the report that Col Espenido is indeed in the "narco list"of the president.



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