Story of a drunk passenger bound for Malaybalay, who sleeps inside the bus and wakes up in Cagayan de Oro, gone viral

By MDN Digital News Team
January 14, 2020


CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY - This is a lesson learned that if you're drunk and you travel by bus to reach your destination, don't forget to tell the driver or bus conductor in advance that you will disembark in your place of destination. You tell the driver exactly where your destination is, or else you will end up reaching another place far from your own destination.

This happened to a netizen John Jhumir Adarlo who took a bus ride and his destination was only Malaybalay City. But since he was drunk and he fell asleep, he ended up reaching Agora Bus Terminal in Cagayan de Oro City.

Adarlo narrated in his Facebook account that he was supposedly bound for Malaybalay City from Valencia City. But because he was drunk, he fell asleep while in the bus.

"Hubog kaayo ko. Gipukaw ko ni Kuya konduktor. "Sir sir abot nata sir" Pagtan-aw nako sa bintana hala familiar ang place," was his only words as he was kind of shock that he reached Cagayan de Oro bus terminal.

Luckily, he was not anymore collected for the balance of P35 for his fare for Valencia City to Cagayan de Oro. He was only told to talk to the bus company's accounting and narrate his seemingly bad experience.

It's no longer "Don't drive when your drunk," BUT its already "Don't ride a bus when your drunk." 

So, this unforgettable experience of Mr Adarlo now went viral on Facebook, with over 4000 shares and over 10,000 likes.




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