Son of ex-Maguindanao politician, 4 others killed in army checkpoint

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July 6, 2019


NORTH COTABATO (MDN Mindanao News digital, July 6) - For refusing to stop at checkpoint and instead opened fire at the military, a son of a deceased politician in Maguindanao and his four other companions were killed during an exchange of bullets in North Cotabato area, the military reported Friday.

Police authorities investigating the case identified the fatalities as Datu Hashim Matalam, son of the late Norodin Matalam, former governor of Maguindanao; Buton Bacocol, a resident of Matina, Pangi, Davao City; and Abdullah Mamalumpong, a resident of Amaas, North Cotabato. Mamalumpong was later reported as a fugitive from the provincial jail. The identities of two other fatalities were not known at press time but they were also reported as armed body guards of Hashim Matalam.

The military manning the checkpoint recovered long and high-powered firearms used by the suspects, including an M-16 riffle, one hand grenade, one 1911 pistol, two M-653, one riffle grenade. They also recovered cellphones, three sachets of suspected shabu paraphernalia, and 15,000 pesos cash  

Brigadier General Alfredo Rosario, head of the 602nd Infantry Brigade said the suspects onboard a Nissan Patrol vehicle were flagged down at a checkpoint for normal and routinary checking purposes but instead of stopping their vehicle, the suspects opened fire which resulted in a firefight for several minutes.

The skirmishes which lasted almost an hour resulted to the death of the five suspects and the recovery of short and long firearms and the illegal drug known as "shabu."  

“The troops manning the checkpoint tried to stop them for inspection but they opened fire first which led our men to fire back”, Rosario told reporters in telephone interviews. “They did not stop,” Rosario added.

Investigation conducted by responding police operatives in North Cotabato disclosed that the military were having their routinary checkpoint in Barangay Ingu-ug, Pikit town, North Cotabato on Friday night (July 5) at around 8:45 p.m. The group of Datu Hashim Matalam on board a gray Nissan Patrol vehicle bearing plate number LEM 521, passed by a military checkpoint. They were ordered by the soldiers manning the checkpoint to stop for routine check ups, but instead of stopping, the armed men allegedly opened fire which resulted to the skirmishes. All of the five armed suspects were dead as back up soldiers and those manning the checkpoint returned fire and riddled their vehicle with bullets.

In Daraga, Albay sometime in December 2018, President Duterte said checkpoints play vital roles in controlling the entry of lawless elements and robbery groups that are planning 'to paint the town read' and wreck havoc to their supposed targets. 

Duterte said “If you carry a gun and you passed by a checkpoint and you refuse to stop because you are with the governor or mayor, my order to the police and to the military, son of a bitch, kill them," the President told reporters.

“Even if you’re a governor or a mayor, if there is a check point,” Duterte said, then. “Those who refused to stop and fight with you,” he said, referring to the police and soldiers, “My order is shoot them. Let’s not talk about human rights,” he added.

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