Protesters crippled business operations at Hong kong International Airport again

By MDN digital - SEO Team
August 14, 2019


HONGKONG (MDN International news digital) - Anti-government protesters have successfully crippled again business operations at Hongkong International Airport.

Protesters also created commotions which resulted again to the unrest and violent engagement between them and government policemen inside the terminal.

Flight check-in has been suspended as thousands of protesters again trooped inside the airport terminal since Friday.

Passengers are also struggling to get through the airport as demonstrators sit inside the terminal ground floor and reportedly block departures.

Social media also showed violent clash between government police and young protesters.

In order to protect themselves, the police now wears protective gears and brandishing truncheons are reported to have used  pepper spray to push protesters out of the building.                     

What is happening at the airport?

The earlier warnings made by government officials did not threaten the protesters as they continue arrive and gather at the airport on Tuesday.

Many of the travellers become distressed and angered by said disruption and suspension of their respective flights.

Officials then at Hongkong airport announced that all check-ins were suspended from 16:30 local time (10:30 GMT).

The airport's own website has already announced that passengers are now advised to leave the terminal premises as soon as possible.

"Officials can be seen firing tear gas canisters into crowded, enclosed areas and directly at individual protesters on multiple occasions, creating a considerable risk of death or serious injury," Lame said in a statement.

Lam told members of the media she was "heartbroken" by reports of serious injuries at last weekend's protests, but appeared to defend the police from claims they used disproportionate force, saying they were acting under "extremely difficult circumstances".




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