Political unrest in Venezuela turns violent

May 2, 2019


MDN WORLD, May 1 - Political unrest in Venezuela turns violent as protesters and the military are starting to hit each other.

A priest was oozing with blood after he was hit by a rubber bullet when protesters were shot by the armed supporters of the president. 

As tensions developed, President Nicolas Maduro also threatened to prosecute those leaders that were behind the movement to oust him from power.

On Tuesday, Juan Guaido, the opposition leader has called on the army to side with the protesters and oust Maduro.

But during the day of the violent protests of thousands of people, Guiado was in hiding while a number of his supporters were injured in a bloody dispersal made by the army and the police.   

The president started his second term on January 10, after a highly boycotted election in 2018, in which a lot of foreigners have refused to recognize his administration. 

The opposition leader, Juan Guaido, has appealed and asked protesters to remain in the streets and not be afraid by Maduro's army.

Guaido said "We have to remain in the streets" 

"If the regime thought we had reached maximum pressure, they cannot even imagine."We have to remain in the streets."

He told the media that he is now considering a proposal of work stoppage from public workers to pressure Maduro to step down. 

Maria Ciares, 55, also a resident of the place told reporters "I go out because I want to live in democracy, I want to live in freedom. We need to support these politicians that are trying to find an alternative."



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