"Please forgive me," says driver of 'killer' truck

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July 20, 2019


BOLJOON CEBU (MDN Visayas News, July 20) - The driver of a truck that killed nine students asked for apology to the families of those who died in an accident in the outskirts of Boljoon town the other day.

The local government's mini dump truck is now called by other people as a "killer truck" after it figured in a road mishap killing nine students and injuring 22 others who were supposed to attend the culmination activity of "Health Week" spearheaded by the Department of Education.
The driver, Daniel Niere, said he will accept all the charges that will be lodged against him, although he said everything that happened was merely an accident.

“Mangayo lang unya kog pasaylo sa mga naangol. Wala gyod to tuyoa. Aksidente ra to tanan,” he said in an interview with the local media in Cebu.

(I would like to ask for your apology and forgiveness. All that happened was only an accident and I did not mean it to be that way.)

He said the mini dump truck has been with the municipal government of Boljoon for more than two years since he was hired a year ago.

He admitted to media interviews the truck has problems with brakes and it has been repaired many times. But he also confirmed he checked the brakes before he fetched the teachers and students in Nangka Elementary School.


The driver claimed he was not drunk during the accident. But it was all an accident as the mini dump truck was loaded with passengers - could be one of the main reasons it malfunctioned and lost its brakes.

Meanwhile, all district schools in Cebu is going to raise funds for all the victims of the tragedy. 

Leah Apao, of the Department of Education  in Central Visayas said they will work together in raising financial support the families of the tragic accident.

Apao said the chidlren and teachers were heading to the town center to attend the culmination of Nutrition Month celebration hosted by the DepEd-7, so that they would help the immediate families in terms of raising funds.

Rhea Angtud, schools division superintendent met with the families of those who died and assured them that DepEd would provide for the burial services to lessen their burden.                                                                                                                                                                                                 “Nagsubo gyod ang Cebu Province Schools Division sa nahitabo sa Boljoon. Walay gusto mahitabo to. Karon, angay kitang magtinabangay para pagtabang sa taga Boljoon,” she concluded. - all photos by Clark Matthew Roma



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