NMMC doctors handling PUIs isolated

By Mark Francisco
March 21, 2020


COVID-19 preventive measures at Northern Mindanao Medical Center (NMMC) are so strict that all doctors and nurses who are handling persons under investigation (PUIs) there aren't allowed to go home even off duty.


NMMC chief of hospital Jose Chan revealed this yesterday even as he said that they have provided a holding quarters for these medical personnel to rest after their 12-hour shift.


"It is there where they will sleep, it is there where they will eat," Chan said during a press conference Saturday, March 21.


The cycle is repeated for one whole week until they will be relieved by two other medical teams who will cover the 12-hour shifts each day for the next seven-day cycle.


Chan said that each medical team is composed of seven doctors and nurses or a total of 14 personnel on duty for a one-week rotation.


Within a 12-hour shift, each medical team is responsible for all the PUIs confined at the hospital.


Chan said he implemented this scheme to prevent a repeat of the case of the lone COVID-19 casualty at NMMC two weeks ago wherein all 50 hospital workers who cared for him were forced to undergo quarantine after he died due to the virus.


As of Saturday (March 21), there are 12 PUIs admitted at NMMC - the designated regional hub for infectious diseases in Northern Mindanao.


Of the 12, Chan said only one is on respirators and the rest are in stable condition.


All of them are awaiting results of their COVID-19 tests.


Since the pandemic began in February, there were already 37 PUIs admitted at NMMC. Only one - Patient 40 - was confirmed positive for COVID-19 and eventually died.



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