Military, NPA rebels clash in Cagayan de Oro, 1 killed

By CRIS DIAZ, Mindanao Daily News Online
February 13, 2020


CAGAYAN de Oro City--An unidentified rebel of the communist New People’s Army (NPA) was killed in a clashed with government forces in the outskirt of this port capital of Northern Mindanao, the military reported Thursday.

Lt. Crecelle Renoblas, the military spokesperson, said that the clashed took place in the hinterland of Bisigan, an outskirt village, 50 kilometers southwest of Cagayan De Oro City Wednesday afternoon.

Renoblas said that elements of the army’s 65th Infantry Battalion engaged the 10 heavily armed group, believed to be members of the outlawed NPA, in the 15-minute skirmishes which resulted in the killing of the unidentified NPA rebel.

Recovered from the scene of the encounter was three high powered firearms consisting of two M16 rifles, one M14 carbine, ammunitions, backpacks, a medical kit and other personal belongings.

Renoblas said that the slain rebel was turned over to the city’s social welfare department to be accorded with a decent burial. The body now lies in an estate in a local funeral home here.

She said that the claimant, in coordination with the military and police, must present documents to prove the identity of the victim.

“The proper documents, like birth certificate, is necessary to prove the true identity of the slain NPA and the claimant is a genuine relative or next of kin,” Renoblas said.

She said that the army’s 65IB conducted a patrol in the hinterlands of Bisigan after receiving reports that a group of armed men swooped down on the mountain village few days ago, asking villagers of foods and war materiel.

Renoblas said that the government forces are still in hot pursuit of the remaining armed groups after the military found bloodstains along the withdrawal route of the NPA rebels.

“We are pursuing the withdrawing NPA rebels to be able to recover the wounded who might be left behind in order to provide the necessary medical assistance,” Renoblas said.



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