METROBANK ROBBED: Isko Moreno offers P1 Million reward

By MDN digital - SEO Team
July 12, 2019


METRO MANILA (MDN National News digital) - Newly installed mayor of Manila, Isko Moreno, has offered P1 Million pesos to whoever could give information that will lead to the capture of 7 robbers who victimized Metrobank Binondo branch.

As this developed, Mayor Moreno has also called on to his contituents to be vigilant and report suspicious individuals especially if it seems these individuals have been suspiciously roaming around any bank vicinity in Manila.

"I will give One Million pesos (P1-Million) to anyone who can give information about the suspects who just robbed a bank in Manila," Moreno said.

He believes the people or vendors having small businesses in the vicinity of any bank in Manila can help in reporting suspicious-looking persons, as this information might stop them from doing evil if they are reported before commiting criminal offenses.

Moreno said “Seven men forcibly entered the bank, kinuha mga empleyado, nilagay sa kwarto. Yung initial report may nakuhang pera.”  

“I’m calling all national inter-agency enforment units to go after these criminals and I’m offering also to any concerned citizen P1 million for any information for the immediate capture of these suspects,” Moreno pointed out.

Earlier, seven unidentified robbers barged into Metrobank Binondo Branch Thursday morning (July 11) unnoticed by many people outside the bank, the police authorities reported. 
The Metrobank broad daylight robbery was successfully conducted by seven suspects who carted away an undetermined amount of money. But when they get out from the bank, two of them carried back packs believed containing the amount of cash they carted away.

Investigation disclosed that around 11:00 in the morning at Sto. Cristo in Binondo, Manila 7 suspects waited for the opening of the bank. When a security guard opened the front door of the bank, one of the alleged suspects immediately grabbed the guard inside the then closed the door to consumate their evil motives such as robbing the bank.

The successful robbery took place only several minutes and all the suspects immediately fled to unknown directions to avoid responding police operatives.
At first, the bank executives did not allow the responding police investigators from Manila Police District but when Manila Mayor Isko Moreno intervened and warned bank executives they will be arrested if they continue to disallow police investigators to come in and conduct full investigation of the matter.

"This is now police matters. We will arrest you if you refuse entry of police investigators," the new mayor of Manila warned.




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