Manhunt on against KAPA founder Joel Apolinario 

June 17, 2019


GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MDN National News, June 17) - The National Bureau of Investigation reported that they are now tracing the whereabouts of Kapa founder Joel Apolinario, his wife and other officials to execute arrest.

Since the NBI raided companies and groups allegedly involved in "Ponzi schemes" no one has yet been arrested for violating government regulations.

Lawyer Regner Peneza, NBI district office chief in Sarangani, said they can arrest Apolinario "even without an arrest warrant" as they (Kapa) continue to violate government regulations by operating even with the government's shutdown orders

President Rodrigo Duterte has also earlier said Kapa is allegedly doing a continuing crime and they must be stopped right away.

Priliminary Injunction

Duterte's orders were also considered by Kapa as not according to the rule of law citing priliminary injuction they got from the court.

Danny Mangahas, Kapa spokesperson said since they have secured a priliminary injuction, the government should follow the law and not harass their members by executing massive arrests on Kapa offices nationwide.

"It is very clear my president that we have secured an injuction from the court and why harass us by raiding our offices? We will follow the law and we will not run from our obligations," Mangahas claimed.

He challenge the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to file cases in court so they can answer at the proper forum.

"I am challenging SEC to file cases in court. In this way, we can present our side and our proof that we are not a "scam company" that the government has been tagging us," Mangahas said.


Aside from the Kapa Community Ministry, Inc., the National Bureau of Investigation also raided offices of other companies also tagged as using as a "Ponzi scheme" in their business.

Those raided were Rigen Marketing, Alamico and other groups allagedly offering investment schemes in Tagum City without securing a secondary licese with SEC.     

During the raid, NBI operatives seized computers, printers, vital documents and undetermined amount of cash money in vaults. ###





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