Instagram poll takes a teen's life  

May 16, 2019


MDN WORLD (May 16,2019) - This could be another case of a dangerous suicidal challenge victimizing minors similar to that of the Momo Challenge. 

A teenager from Malaysia took her own life after respondents on a poll she posted on Instagram voted.

The girl was actually asking on a poll if she should live or die. The teenager's wrong and uncheck decision has prompted investigation from police investigators as this was, maybe, another case of a self-harm challenge.

The 16-year-old teen's identification was still kept by police authorities while investigation is going on to protect her privacy, aside from the fact that she was a minor offender.

MDN tried to undergo a thorough research if this is part of the 50 deadly self-harm challenge imposed by Momo to her would-be-willing innocent victims but failed. 

The victim, who lives in Kuching in eastern part of Sarawak state posted on the Facebook-owned Instagram that she needed help to decide on her fate. "Really Important, Help Me Choose D/L," was the very short appeal she posted on Instagram prior to her untimely demise on May 13. Apparently, the victim referred "D" to death and L for Live.

The poll, she posted, received 69 percent of the votes in favor of her to take her own life, while only 13 percent voted for her to live.

A lawmaker known as Ramkarpal Singh has also called for thorough investigation into the circumstances of her death. "Would the girl still be alive today if the majority of netizens on her Instagram account discouraged her from taking her own life?," the lawyer asked.

Syed Saddiq, youth and sports minister has also added to the growing demands of online users to give justice to the victim. "I urge the authorities... to investigate the social media accounts of the victim and the circumstances that led to her death to prevent further abuse of social media in similar circumstances in the future."

Saddiq said this is a matter of national interest and it should be taken seriously by everyone. "It's a national issue which must be taken seriously. A national discussion must take place." 




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