IBP doubts Bikoy's credibility; rejects appeal for legal assistance 

May 10, 2019


CAGAYAN DE ORO (MDN digital, May 10) -  The Integrated Bar of the Philippines (IBP), whom the controversial Peter Joemel Advincula aka Bikoy sought for help, has reportedly doubted his credibility and rejected his plea.

IBP's doubts reportedly developed after they have conducted a research and checked on Advincula's background and criminal records.  

Earlier, Bikoy, the man in the hooded video series "Ang Totoong Narcolist" has claimed he decided to seek at the IBP office for fear of his life. He claimed after he uploaded the controversial video series linking the president's family and close friends to the illegal drug trade in the country.

"There threats of my life so I decided to go to IBP in hopes they would give me legal assistance," he said in Filipino language.

The IBP, the most prestigious organization of professional lawyers in the country, has maintained they rejected Bikoy's appeal because his statments were "reeked of political agenda." The IBP did not elaborate.

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On Wednesday, the IBP through its National Center for Legal Aid (NCLA) said that they have evaluated Advincula's application just like any other citizens of the country seeking legal help.

NCLA said “his application was duly processed just like any other request received by the NCLA,” the IBP said in a statement but it was denied due to lack of credibility as his accusations are tainted with political agenda. 



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