High profile inmates take control of Bilibid Prison, says Senator Lacson

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September 15, 2019


METRO MANILA (MDN National News, September 15) - Senator Panfilo Lacson revealed the New Bilibid Prison (NBP)  is now allegedly controlled by high-profile inmates and not anymore controlled by the government.

Lacson said the high profile inmates almost make the NBP a mafia-like headquarters for drug transactions and all other illegal businesses.

The senator told reporters “Ang isang maliwanag na na-establish dito, na parang ang mga high-profile inmates naging napakamakapangyarihan at napakayaman, na sila na halos ang nagpapatakbo ng kulungan, hindi na ang gobyerno.” 

“Sila na ang nasusunod, kung sino ilalagay sa kubol, sino ita-transfer sa malalayo, sa Iwahig o Davao; kung sino iko-confine sa hospital, kung sino pa isasama i-confine bukod sa kanila. At sila pa nagdi-direct ng operation ng droga sa labas.”

The senator claimed "the situation inside the NBP has gone so bad and the government becomes so helpless already.”
Lacson said the inmates can hire killers while in prison and 80 percent of illegal drug transactions are happening inside the NBP.

Lacson said “Pasalamat na rin tayo na nagkaroon ng pagdinig kasi kung hindi, hindi nabulgar lahat ito, tuloy-tuloy ang ligaya sa loob, malala na nga, baka lalo pang lumala.” 

It could be noted that a Bureau of Corrections officer was shot dead by an unidentified armed man amid the controversy surrounding the Good Conduct Time Allowance (GCTA) Law fiasco.

Gambling, flesh trade

There is so much corruption inside the Bureau of Corrections (Bucor) facility, as another revelation is now reported by another whistleblower.

This time, the whistleblower is no other than a former Bilibid officer-in-charge Rafael Ragos, from November 2012 to March 2013.

Ragos revealed nearly 24-hour gambling happened inside Bucor and jail officials didn't do anyhting at all to stop this gambling actitivities between some druglords and top leaders of the inmates. 

Another corruption happenng inside the Bucor facility, Ragos said, include top Bucor officials who allowed inmates to bring in women for their enjoyment.

Meanwhile, speaking before the people in Balanga City, Bataan province, President Rodrigo Duterte said all that were involved in the corruptions that happened inside the Bucor facility "will have to go."

“Even if it was regular or allowed, corruption was there. Setting aside all the legal infirmities, even if it was allowed, corruption was present. And everybody will have to go,” Duterte told reporters in interviews with at the inauguration of a business hub and the Bataan government center.

“For me, if [the convict’s release] is done in good faith, I won’t touch you. But if there were payoffs involved, that is another story.” 

“I will hit you, not because the law was in the limbo, but because of corruption. You can expect that,” President Duterte angrily said.

"All must go"

President Rodrigo Duterte on Thursday announced he would be terminating the services of erring Bucor officials but exclude those who implemented GCTA (good conduct time allowance) in all honesty. 

The president said there is no one to blame for Bucor officials who only applied what is embodied in the GCTA law. He said even lawyers have different interpretations of the law. 

Duterte said even the Department of Justice Secretary Menardo Guevarra  has openly expressed his doubts on the clarity of the new law about GCTA. 

But the president strongly condemned those reported corruptions in the implementation of the GCTA law and vowed to terminate their services, if proven to have committed said "GCTA for sale scheme."

“Everybody will have to go. Alam nila ‘yan… not because maybe they were exercising a questionable provision of the law and arrogating upon themselves or to themselves that power. Wala sa akin, if it is done in good faith, hindi kita anuhin,” the presented in his statements at the Bataan Government Center and Business Hub inauguration.



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