Gordon says Bucor officials lied during Senate probe

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September 10, 2019


MANILA, Philippines (MDN National News, September 9) - Senator Dick Gordon yesterday said Bucor officials hide the truth as they lied during a committee hearin spearheaded by the senator.

As chair of Senate justice and human rights committee inquiry, Gordon grilled Bucor officials allegedly involved in "GCTA for sale scheme." He said obviously the Bucor officials denied involvement in the recent scandal that rocked the Bureau of Corrections.

video credit to abs cbn/anc

Gordon revealed to reporters that the phones of Corrections Senior Inspector Mabel Bansil and Corrections Officer III Veronica Buño were already tampered as all the recorded calls and texts have been deleted.

The senator said “So you can see they deleted everything. So they’re really hiding something,” Gordon claimed.

Gordon added that shows that it is happening — that they would ask for money and then they would erase [the phone records] so there will be no evidence. That’s obstruction of justice.” 

Buño denied she was the girl in the audio recording talking to the whistle blower but Senator Sotto said it was obvious she was the one talking in the audio recording presented to the senate inquiry yesterday.

Gordon said the committee would ask the help of the IT office now headed by former Senator Gringo Honasan to identify, if indeed, it was the voice of Buño or not, as the Bucor official categorically denied it was her.

He said since Buño was under oath, she could be charged with perjury for denying her involvement in the latest scandal inside the Bucor facility.


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