Filipina dies of coronavirus disease in America

By MDN Digital News Team
March 21, 2020


UNITED STATES (MDN International News) - A visiting Filipina from Orlando, Florida, has died of the deadly coronavirus disease in Los Angeles County.

The Filipina and her husband, report said, was coming from a trip to Thailand, Philippines and another long stay in South Korea, one of the top countries of the world strongly hit by the deadly virus that originated from Wuhan, China.

The woman and her husband left Orlando in February for their scheduled trip to Thailand and the Philippines as their kicked off activity for retirement. They had also stayed for much longer time in South Korea before they went back to Orlando, Florida on March 8. 

The victim's son Rem was texted by his father telling him that his mom has already died. His father said his mom has no pulse anymore and he even went into giving her a CPR but she was gone. She was still brought to the nearest hospital, hoping she was only unconscious, but attending physicians officially pronounced her dead upon arrival.

Rem narrated to the media that his mother died 36 hours after arriving at Los Angeles International Airport and only eight hours after she was admitted to the hospital.

The grieving father was also immediately quarantined in Southern California since he also developed symptoms such as fever and flu. However, Rem said, the Los Angeles County informed him that his dad was not yet positive of covid-19, as they are still waiting for the test results.  




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