Family feud may affect Ceres bus liner operation in the country

By MDN digital - SEO Team
July 10, 2019


BACOLOD CITY (MDN Visayas News digital, July 9) - The recent tension between the siblings operating the Ceres buses liner nationwide may affect the business operation of the company.

But the new management has assured the riding public that there is still smooth operation of Vallacar Transit, Inc, operator of Ceres buses nationwide. The management assured the riding public not to worry even if a family problem has been plaguing the Yanson Clan.  

It (feud) started when Roy yanson, eldest son of the original owner of the bus company (late Ricardo B. Yanson) reportedly kicked out their youngest sibling, Leo Rey Yanson, as president and CEO of the bus company. 

In a press statement sent to the media on Sunday, lawyer Shiela Sison revealed that the board of directors  of VII allegedly announced the appointment of Mr Roy V. Yanson as the company's new president effective immediately. Thus, replacing the position occupied by the younger brother Leo Rey Yanson, who was also informed to just continue becoming the company's board of directors and member of the board.   

The change in leadership, according to the statement issued to the media, was because of the recent special board meeting, wherein the board allegedly replaced corporate officers, who are tasked to work with the new president of the company, in order to ensure a smooth transition of the bus company's administration.

Unfortunately, Leo Rey Yanson has questioned the recent ouster.

During a conference conducted yesterday morning, Roy's lawyers said the election of the former president followed procedures.

But according to the board, the reason that Leo Rey was ousted was loss of trust and confidence.



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