Doctor goes viral after showing his 'bad' attitude in public

December 4, 2019


A DOCTOR went viral yesterday after he reportedly involved himself in a road rage with another driver along a busy street in Metro Manila.

Government authorities has identified the doctor as Dr Tomas Joaquin Mendez, who was involved in a road rage in Metro Manila yesterday, shouting vindictives to the driver of an L300 Van.

He accused the driver of cutting him of and nearly bumping him while he was maneuvering his vehicle at a busy road in Metro Manila. He also belittled the driver, saying "Ang dumidumi mo!"

The driver, who didn't know Mendez is a professional doctor also defended himself and answered all the doctor's accusations. 

Meanwhile, in a press statement posted on Facebook, St, Luke's Medical Center, one of the very prestigious hospitals in the country, denied Dr Mendez work at their hospital. 

The statement said Mendez "is not connected with the hospital or any other company affiliated with St. Luke's.

It was the Department of Transport (DOTr) who identified the irate motorist involve in a road rage as Dr. Tomas Joaquin Mendez, who was caught on cam shouting vindictives on another driver, based on the plate number of his car.

A DOTr official said their office is going to invite the doctor to shed light on the issue involving road rage.
“Should you be involved in a traffic incident, don’t let your emotions get the better of you to the point that you will curse, malign or hurt other people,” the DOTr official said.

The Land Transportation Office (LTO) has also issued an order telling Mendez to appear to their office on December 5 at around 2pm and explain why his professional driver's license should not be suspended or revoked as per Republic Act 4136.

A female companion of the driver accused by Mendez of cutting him of told Mendez that he was clearly identified throwing stone on their van.

It was also learned that another video posted on Youtube also show Mendez's involvement in another road rage, which really placed him on a bad light.



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