Defense chief denounces Chinese for abandoning Filipino fishermen in West Philippine Sea after collision

June 12, 2019


METRO MANILA (MDN National News, June 12) - Defense chief Delfin Lorenzana denounced the actions taken by Chinese fishermen, who left the Filipino fishermen after their fishing vessels collided in West Philippine Sea Sunday night.

Lives of twelve fishermen were in danger on that very night the Chinese fishermen left them. Fortunately, a Vietnamese fishing vessel arrived in time and rescued the Filipino fishermen.

The Filipino fishermen were onboard F/B Gimver1 when they met a collision incident with a Chinese fishing vessel  near Recto Bank in West Philippine Sea.

"We denounce the actions of the Chinese fishing vessel for immediately leaving the incident scene abandoning the 22 Filipino crewmen to the mercy of the elements," defense chief Lorenzana said.

Lorenzana also told reporters: "We condemn in the strongest terms the cowardly action of the Chinese fishing vessel and its crew for abandoning the Filipino crew. This is not the expected action from a responsible and friendly people." 

The ship of the 12 Filipino fishermen was anchored when a Chinese fishing vessel accidentally hit it. But Filipinos were annoyed as the Chinese fishermen did not bother to help them, instead they left them worrying. 

The military coordinated with the rescue of the fishermen which also lead the Vietnamese fishermen to help and conducted the rescue operation.

Lorenzana "thanked the captain and crew of Vietnamese vessel, for saving the lives of the 22 Filipino crew." 

The defense chief has also called for the formal investigation of the said case in Philippine Sea and vowed to do diplomatic steps to prevent from repeating the same mistake.

It can be recalled that in the past years, China and the Philippines has been involved in maritime dispute issues. ### 





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