Deadly Coronavirus kills 17; downs 530 in China

By MDN Digital News Team
January 24, 2020


CHINA - The deadly Coronavirus has already claimed 17 deaths and 530 patients, according to a radio report in Wuhan, China, a city with recorded 11 million people.

As a result of this deadly Coronavirus, Chinese medical practitioners are now wearing Hazmat-clad suit to protect themselves from cross-infection from the deadly virus believed coming from the animals.

Wuhan City, a city with estimated 11 million people, is where the virus reportedly started according to medical historians and experts.

The deadly virus from China has also reached Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and just recently the virus also penetrated United States.

Radio Free Asia has just released on social media a 17-second clip filmed in Huizhou, southern part of Guangdong Province in South China.

The first confirmed Coronavirus was from a small coastal city in China with a population of nearly five million people.

Guangdong province has a total infected patients of 26 according to the Radio Free Asia.

Based on initial investigation by Chinese medical doctors and scientists, the virus is believed coming from live animals traded in Huanan Seafood Market. This is among the largest marketplaces in Wuhan, where the confirmed cases of medical practitioners infected by the virus. 

It was also earlier reported that there are now 20 cases of medical practitioners under treatment for possible virus infection. 

The Chinese authorities advised people to just stay indoors to avoid this so-called airborne diseases brought about by the Coronavirus.



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