Construction worker faces 3 counts of rape

By Divina M. Suson, Correspondent
January 8, 2020


ILIGAN City--Police filed rape charges against a construction worker shortly after his arrest Monday night (January 6) in Barangay Tubod this city.

Police Major Abogado Mautin, chief of Iligan City Police Station (ICPS) 4, identified the suspect as a certain Eric Castillon, 54.

Mautin said Castillon was arrested after the mother of the two siblings, aged 3 and 7, accused him of sexually molesting her two daughters.

Initial police investigation said the suspect was having a drinking session with the grandfather of one of the children---and when they all got drunk, the suspect started to befriend the children.

"Accordingly, the suspect called the children one by one, gave them 20 pesos each and let them sit on his lap one after the other. While the victims are on his lap, he touched the girls' private parts and inserted his fingers," said Mautin in an interview.

It was the mother of the two siblings who discovered what happened when the girls narrated the incident.

Later, three other victims come out in the open and confirmed what happened.

As of press time, Mautin said the suspect is facing three counts of rape because only three of the five girls have lacerations based on the result of the medical examination.

"The othe victim has no laceration while the other one, a 5-year-old, refused to undergo medical examination," Mautin said.

On one hand, the suspect admitted he gave money to the children and let two of them sit on his lap but denied sexually molesting them.

The suspect, who Mautin said has no criminal records in the past, is now placed under the custody of Iligan City Police Station 4 while waiting for the inquest proceedings.



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