Ben Tulfo to the rescue; hits DSWD chief Bautista's demands

June 12, 2019


METRO MANILA (MDN National News, June 12) - "Blood is thicker than water." 

Broadcaster Ben Tulfo of BitagTV lambasted Social Welfare Secretary Rolando Bautista for citing several conditions before accepting the apology of his brother, Erwin Tulfo of Radyo Singko.

Erwin Tulfo reportedly issued vindictives on DSWD secretary Bautista for not answering the phone, as he wants to hear from the DSWD secretary's mouth some issues and concerns in the social welfare office.   

Ben in his Twitter aacount tweeted: "P***** na 'brotherhood'! Ang KAKAPAL! Ayon sa kumag na OIC, mag-sorry daw sa lahat ng media outlet. 'BUTAW' na P300k kinakailangan para mahugasan ang kasalanan." He was simply referring to Sec Bautista and his brotherhood in the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) who have supported him (Bautista).

"Tsong, daig mo pa si Padre Damaso at mga kolokoy na kauri mo! Nagpapatawa ka ba?!" Ben Tulfo said, simply referring to Padre Damaso in Jose Rizal's novel Noli Me Tangere.

Earlier, the DSWD chair demanded some conditions like asking for public apology through different media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and also to donate P300T to 19 charity groups to make Erwin's apology approved by the former army chief.


Erwin Tulfo has issued his apology in public in relation to his attacks on Department of Social Welfare & Development (DSWD) Secretary 
Rolando Bautista during his radio program "Tutok Tulfo."

Tulfo was in hot water after he berated DSWD Sec Bautista when the latter failed to answer the phone. The broadcaster wants to interview the secretary by calling him on the phone, which Sec Bautista did not allow it.

"General Bautista o Secretary Bautista, hindi ka na heneral ng AFP, huwag ka nang magpa-importante at magpaespesyal. Sagutin mo ang tawag, dahil ang DSWD kinalalagyan mo ngayon, para sa mahihirap yan. P@#$! mo, isa ka pa namang heneral na walang kwenta," were some of the words uttered by Tulfo which reportedly humiliated the DSWD secretary.  

Tulfo's attack on the radio did not escape from the eyes of soldiers and the PMA Alumni Association so that they have shown their full support to the DSWD chair, and posted their disgust and rants on Erwin Tulfo's unprofessionalism and unethical brand of broadcasting.

Unfortunately, Bautista's supporters and fellow soldiers dragged Erwin's brothers, who were also broadcasters on the issue, including Raffy on TV5, Ben Tulfo on Bitag TV program and Mon Tulfo, the elder brother.###





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