10 dead, 8 hurt as truck loaded with rice rams bystanders, houses

June 11, 2019


DAVAO CITY (MDN Local News, June 11) - Ten persons were confirmed dead including a 2-year-old kid when a wayward truck loaded with sacks of rice accidentally lost its brake and rammed bystanders and several houses along the diversion road in Matina Pangi, this city.

The truck also rammed 11 vehicles parked by the roadside and left hundreds of sacks of rice scattered along the road which also hit some kids and killed them instantly.

Police investigation disclosed that around 9:30 in the morning of June 11, 2019, a truck loaded with hundreds of sacks of rice, suddenly rammed bystanders and several houses which shocked the residents. Later, it was known by police authorities thru the driver that he lost control of the brake.

Police said the teen-wheeler wing van with unknown plate number was registered to BSBC Trucking. The truck came from Panacan area and it is overspeeding when seen by bstanders towards Matina area.

A mother and his 2-year-old son died instantly after they were hit by sacks of rice coming from the truck and while they were standing beside the road where the speeding wing van also passed by. 

Colonel Alexander Tagum, city police director of Davao City told reporters that aside from those eight victims who died on the spot, two were also badly hurt and on serious condition. But all the eight people hurt were rushed to nearby hospitals.

The truck driver immediately surrendered to the nearest police station for his safety. ### 



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