Huawie, Google send official statements

May 25, 2019


CAGAYAN DE ORO (MDN digital, May 25) Reuters has reported that Google is going to blacklist Huawie devices after United States President Donald Trump issued an executive order against China's Huawie.

The order, according to Reuters, issued a trade ban between the US and the Huawie Company based in China. With this new development, Huawie Company is banned from buying equipment from all companies based in the US without the prior approval of the North American government.

Also, the companies based in the US are not given clearance to deal with China's telecom giant for parts and services. It was a dreadful decision of the US government against the long time partnerships of the two camps.

Meanwhile, in the previous years, ZTE company from China also suffered the same fate with Huawie. The ZTE also experience the same situation on the North American territory due to problems with both data and reported security breaches.  

With Trump's executive order, Google would pull out its apps as well as the company's services from Huawies devices in the future. The ban will affect YouTube, Gmail, and Google Play Store. As this developed, other companies from the US also followed suit implementing the so-called trade ban. As early, Broadcom, Qualcomm and Intel already followed the decision made by Google.

But surprisingly, Google has issued statements explaining that Huawie products will such as Gmail, and other prime apps will continue to function and blacklisting by the government won't affect these existing services.



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