Duterte reveals Philhealth's P154-billion losses; plans revamp

June 12, 2019


METRO MANILA (MDN national news, June 12) - President Rodrigo Duterte said on Saturday that the Philippine Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) lost an estimated amount of P154-billion to the alleged "ghost" patients, as well as to the still undetermined deliveries.    

Duterte said he has not doubted the integrity and honesty of Philhealth manager Roy Ferrer, but with the recent discovery of P154-billion losses of the organization due to some anomalies in transactions, including the recent 'ghost dialysis scandal,'is totally unacceptable.

The president made his pronouncement after the expose of "ghost dialysis fiasco," in which, the government is made a milking cow by a certain company that claims for payment of alleged services to supposed clients that were already dead.

The recent scandal involves a certain company based in Quezon City that keeps on claiming for payment for two years now - for alleged services of patients they have served despite of the fact that the reported claimants they have served were deceased already.

"When I go back [to Manila], I’m making the announcement that I am maybe reshuffling the PhilHealth," Duterte told the television show on Sonshine Media Network in Davao City

"For the sheer amount that was lost, I have to reorganize your entity, change maybe all of you and install a more --- systems of accounting and accountability," the president warned.

Earlier, the president ordered the arrest of WellMed owners and also on Philhealth officials involved in the recent discovery of the alleged scandal that allegedly  robbed the government's coffers billions of pesos.###




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