Yanson 4 elect officers amid legal skirmishes

By CRIS DIAZ, Mindanao Daily News Online
February 13, 2020


CAGAYAN de Oro City--Amid an unresolved legal collision in the fight for the control of the transport company, the shareholders known as the “Yanson 4” elected a new set officers of the Rural Transit (Mindanao) Inc., here.

The elected RTMI President was Roy V. Yanson, Maria Lourdes Celina Y. Lopez as Vice President for Operations, Emily V. Yanson, Treasurer and Chief Financial Officer, Ricardo V. Yanson, Jr. and Corporate Secretary, Anna Isabella C. Galvez, Assistant Corporate Secretary, Jose Jonathan Ealdam, Vice President for Legal.

Known as the “Yanson 4,” the election took place Wednesday afternoon in a downtown hotel here with the attendance of lawyer Seigfred Fortun, the head of the corporate’s legal group.

During a press conference, the Yanson siblings assailed their “legal right” to assume control and managed the Yanson Group of bus company, the largest privately-owned transport company in the country.

Lawyer Raul Bitoon, the spokesperson of the Yanson 4, said that the group constitute the majority shareholders of the bus firm.

He said that the other group composed of two other siblings identified as Leo Rey Yanson and Ginette Y. Dumancas have only more than two percent of the company’s shares.

The problem crops up because the matriarch, Olivia V. Yanson along with Rey Yanson and Dumancas assailed control of the bus firm after the death of Ricardo Yanson, Sr., the patriarch of the bus company.

Lawyer Seigfred Fortun said that the group of Olivia Yanson and the “Yanson 4” has exchanged blows in courts, which until has not yet been resolved while new cases are filed involving the rightful management and control of the bus company.

Fortun said that the Department of Justice (DOJ) has interceded in the cases after it ordered the lowers courts to submit the cases to the justice department.

He said the court battles continue that the “Yanson 4” has intimated of filing more cases against the officers in Cagayan De Oro City.

According to Celina Y. Lopez, the Yanson Group of bus companies consisted of nine original bus companies throughout the country, four of the bus companies are in Mindanao, including the RTMI.

She said that the new bus company, the fifth in Mindanao, is now operating in the Saranggani Province, making a total of 10 bus companies under the Yanson Group.

Lopez said that the Yanson Group of bus companies employs more than 80,000 people throughout the country.



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