Oro dad to investigate shortage of face mask

By Gerry Lee Gorit, Correspondent
January 14, 2020


CAGAYAN de Oro City--A legislator is set to investigate why the city is experiencing shortage in the supplies of disposable face masks.

Councilor George Goking, chairman of the committee on trade and commerce, said he will meet with establishments that sell face masks so he will know directly from them why stocks of N95 face masks in the city have run out.

Goking said he will also look into possible overpricing of medicines and other essential commodities.

He said he noticed that supplies of the N95 masks were no longer available in hardware stores and pharmacies since Monday.

The city councilor said he wants to be prepared and will not wait until the smoke and ash reach Mindanao before he will buy the protective masks.

 “As chairman of trade and commerce, I will call them for a meeting, especially the pharmaceutical associations, and I will let them answer the question why are run out of supply of N95 masks,” Goking said.

During the meeting, Goking said they will also remind these business operators not to overprice or hoard essential items such as medicines or they will face penalties if proven that they are guilty of doing it.

“We cannot allow businesses to deprive people of important commodities such as N95 face masks or medicines in the time that they need them the most,” he added.

He said the meeting will take place anytime this week as soon as the establishments have already been notified.

Reporters who went to some pharmacies and stores have noticed N95 face masks were no longer available.

A salesperson at a pharmacy said a lone customer bought all their N95 face masks on Monday, and they no longer stocks to sell to their other customers. In that store, they sell N95 masks at P65 each.



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