NPA leader in Mindanao surrenders to military

September 18, 2020


BUENAVISTA, Agusan del Norte--One of the  highest commanders of the New People's Army (NPA) operating in North Central Mindanao surrendered recently, the military said Friday.

Lt. Col. Julius Cesar C. Paulo, commander of 23rd Ifantry Battalion, identified the rebel returnee as a certain Alias DANSOY/KEVIN, 40, the Political Instructor (PI) of Sentro de Grabidad (SDG) CAOCAO, Guerilla Front (GF) 4A of the North Central Mindanao Regional Committee (NCMRC).

After years of serving the group which he thought would give him and his family a better life, alias DANSOY/KEVIN finally made up his mind and called off his association with the communist movement and returned to the folds of the law, said Paulo in a press statement.
Paulo welcomed Alias DANSOY/KEVIN and received the high-powered firearms and ammunition he surrendered, to include one  M16 Rifle with an attached grenade launcher, 40mm M203, one M4 Rifle and one Carbine Rifle which is all serviceable.
Alias DANSOY/KEVIN said he was recruited and joined the movement because of their propaganda and promises, the military said.

“Human sa lima ka tuig nako nga pag lihok sa walhong grupo, nakadisisyon ko nga mobalik sa sabakan sa gobyerno tungod kay wala nako kasabot sa paamagi sa sulod sa kalihukan. Wala na mi nagkasinabot, nag sige na me ug bangi tungod kay nag isig pataasay na ang matag usa sa tahas. Grabe ang krisis nga among natagamtaman sa sulod, pirme nalang mi mapasmo, usahay maayo nalang ug maka kaon me ug kan-on kausa sa matag adlaw ug sili lang ug asin ang among isud-an,” DANSOY/KEVIN said.
He added: “Usa usab sa rason nga mibiya ko sa kalihukan tungod kay gimingaw nako sa akong pamilya ug mga anak. Miabot ang panahon nga mikontak ang akong asawa sa ako ug mihangyo nga pahawaon na ko sa kalihukan tungod kay wala nay nag atiman sa among mga anak labi na niining panahon sa pandemya. Nangita dayon kog higayon nga makaikyas ko dala ang tag-as nga armas. Tungod kay gigukod man ko sa akong mga kauban, ako lang sang gitago ang mga armas sa kalasangan aron ba;likan lang dayon kauban ang kasundaluhan”.  
Paulo assured the former Political Instructor of GF-4A that the government will provide help to his family through the Enhanced-Comprehensive Local Integration Program (E-CLIP).
“The surrender of this high-ranking CNT member is a manifestation that their weakened group is slowly attenuating. Aside from that, they can no longer move from place to place because our troops are visible anywhere. We have deployed our joint Community Support Program Teams of the army and Community Action Teams of the PNP in vulnerable areas and we are also relentlessly conducting our focused military operations to clear the areas that were commonly known as CNT lairs. Clearly, these CNTs have nowhere to hide now, and they will surely suffer from great hunger due to less access to food supplies. As you can see, Alias DANSOY also starved even though he was ranked higher than his comrades, and his family whom he left behind also suffered because the CNT does not regularly provide food to them,” Paulo said.
He also reiterated his call to the remaining CNT members to lay down their arms and go back to their family and to the government.
“Real victory will only be felt once you leave the armed group. They will never help nor value you. Our government is waiting for your return and is always willing to help you to change your lives in order for you and your family to have a brighter future,” Paulo said. (PR)



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