Misor garbage for shipment back to South Korea end of December

October 30, 2019


CAGAYAN de Oro City--The remaining 5,000 tons of garbage in Misamis Oriental would be sent back to South Korea before the year end, provincial governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano announced Wednesday.

Emano made the announcement following the turnover of 4,000 tonnage bags to Customs officials Tuesday.

He said that the tonnage bags would be used to secure the 5,000 tons of garbage deposited in the 4-hectare yard in the Phividec Industrial Estate in Sta. Cruz, Tagolo-an, Misamis Oriental.

According to Emano, the provincial government has approved about P 2 million budget to hire personnel and earth moving equipment to be utilized for the total cleanup of the dockyard.

He said that the garbage would be put in the tonnage bags and would be piled in a 40-footer van to prepare it for shipment.

According to Emano, the personnel tasked to clean up the garbage at the Phividec Industrial Estate would be required to use basic health equipment to prevent them from possible contamination.

District Customs Collector John Simon, of the Port of Cagayan De Oro City, said that the South Korean government would provide the cargo vessel that would transport the garbage back to its origin in Pyongteak, South Korea.

He said that the garbage was the first of the 6,200 tons of garbage disguised as “recyclable materials” that arrived in Misamis Oriental sometime in July 2018.

Simon said that the second batch, which arrived late October in 2018 was immediately shipped back after the environment officials from South Korea found out that the shipment were garbage materials.

Simon said that the 5,000 tons garbage, which are still in Misamis Oriental would be shipped back before the end of December this year.

He said that the repatriation of the garbage could be done immediately once the cleanup of the garbage site is accomplished by the provincial government of Misamis Oriental earlier.

Simon said that the owner and officials of the Verde Soko, the company that transported the garbage to Misamis Oriental, are now facing charges with violation of the environmental laws in a local court here.

He said that Charles Chu, the Verde Soko owner and some Filipino associates, are expected to appear in the local court at a hearing scheduled in November.



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