Magno's heroic deed is powerful act: Priest

By Divina M. Suson, Correspondent
December 7, 2019


INITAO, Misamis Oriental--Hundreds of residents, fellow policemen, government officials and friends occupied the streets of Initao, Misamis Oriental from St. Francis Xavier Parish Church in Barangay Poblacion to a private cemetery in Barangay San Pedro to pay their last respect to a hero cop up to his last resting place.

Police Senior Master Sergeant (PSMS) Jason Magno was buried nine days after he was killed in a grenade blast inside Initao College in Barangay Jampason on November 28.

A powerful act

Reverend Father Lyndon Zayas, parish priest of St. Francis Xavier Parish Church in Initao, said Magno’s heroic deed is a very powerful act that he sacrificed his life for the safety of others.

Magno’s body inside the casket is already a strong message for everybody that “there is no greater love that man can give than to give up his life for others”.

“That is what we see in the life of Jason. That was not only a single act of heroism but that was a product of many situations of heroism in his life. We heard a lot of good deeds about him. What he did (in Initao College) was not the first time,” Zayas said in his homily.

Hero cop indeed

Capatain Arlyne Ranario, chief of Initao police, describes Magno as a kindhearted person and a service oriented police officer who does not know how to rest from work.

“When there is wanted person arrested and he learned that the family of the suspect is poor, he will provide the needs of the family. If there is arrested person for a very light crime and cannot afford to post bail even if it is a very small amount, he will offer to lend some amount for the bail. A month before he died, he even shouldered the hospital bill of a neighbor who was hospitalized because of dengue,” Ranario, a classmate of Magno when they got into the PNP in 2000, said.

Ranario added: “He is a very dedicated government worker… a very rare service-oriented. I cannot remember him complained whatever assignment given to him. He is the police officer of participates in all our events. But he still managed to give time to his family.”

Zayas hopes that the public will look and reflect on Magno’s life and will be encouraged and inspired to live a meaningful life “not only for our self but also for others”.

“Until we cannot practice living for others, we cannot experience a genuine happiness and we don’t have satisfaction in life. Jason showed to us that our life is meant to others just like Jesus Christ who died on the cross, not for himself but for us,” Zayas said.

Heroic deed

Magno and his colleague, PSMS Alice Balido responded to a distress call at the Initao Community College because there was a man, later identified as Ibrahim Bashir, who was brandishing a grenade.

Magno scuffled with Bashir for control of the explosive but when the grenade, already without safety pin, fell to the ground, he attempted to grab and throw it away from the people.

The blast wounded Balido and other 16 students but police said there could have been more people hurt if not for Magno’s heroic deed.

Medal of Valor

On Thursday, Magno’s family received from President Duterte the posthumous Medal of Valor during the President’s visit to his wake at his mother’s residence in Purok 11, Barangay Poblacion.

The benefits of this award include lifetime survivorship pension to the wife with an additional P75,000 every month.

In case the kids would like to enter the Philippine Police Academy, Gamboa said they don’t have to take an entrance exam as they will get in immediately.

From Magno’s wake, the President visited Balido in a hospital in Cagayan de Oro City, where she was given the Order of Lapu-lapu Kampilan Medal, a watch, a cellular phone and a new firearm.



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