Emano orders probe on ‘oil spill’ off Misor shorelines

By CRIS DIAZ, Mindanao Daily News Online
January 16, 2020


MISAMIS Oriental--Provincial Governor Yevgeny Vincente Emano ordered a probe about alleged “oil spill” off the shorelines of Misamis Oriental.

The alleged oil spill took place in the shorelines of Jasaan, a coastal town, west of Misamis Oriental, where a “fish kill” involving thousands of milk fish fingerlings were reported.

Provincial Board Member Gerardo Sabal, chair of the provincial committee on the environment, said that in response to Emano\s directive, a committee hearing is scheduled for Jan. 22, 2020.

He said that initial reports reaching the provincial board committee were conflicting because the shorelines were not blackened, which normally takes place in an oil spill.

Sabal said that the fishermen and residents reported of “white bubbles” were observed in the stretch of Jasaan’s shorelines.

He said that fish cage owners complained that thousands of fingerlings were killed because of the “white bubbles.”

Sabal said that the committee has invited various stakeholders, including the management of a Japanese-owned oleo chemical company, to shed light of the spill.

“The committee on environment interested if the spill was that of a used “oil” or a “chemical” or whether it was “toxic,” Sabal said.

According to Sabal, the probe would also start a large-scale investigation of the methods adopted by various industries in the disposal of the waste materials in the area.



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