Cops kill Mindanao’s most wanted robbery gang leader in Oro

By CRIS DIAZ, Executive Editor
November 13, 2019


CAGAYAN de Oro City--The leader of Mindanao’s most wanted robbery group was killed in a running gun battle with the local police here Tuesday.

Archolito Palubon, a.k.a “Bingcol,” the leader of the notorious “Bingcol robbery gang,” the group believed responsible for various unsolved armed robberies in Mindanao, was killed in a running battle with the pursuing police Tuesday evening.

The “Bingcol” robbery group was believed to be responsible in the robbery holdup of the Quality Appliance center here a few months ago and the LBC cargo offices in the past.

A Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) camera led the police to Palubon’s identity whose face was recorded clearly by the security camera.

The police then issued a Mindanao-wide alarm placing the Palubon and his “Bingcol” group in the top list of the wanted criminals in the island.

Police investigators said that the “Bingcol” robbery gang operated in Zanboanga Peninsula, and in the regions of Caraga and North Mindanao.

Cagayan De Oro City is the “rest and recreation” place of the “Bingcol” robbery gang, a police officer said.

Two of Palubon’s companions, now the subject of a manhunt, escaped after the police responded about an ongoing robbery on a hardware, a few meters away from the police station in Ipil, Carmen Tuesday evening.

Palubon attempted to hostage the cashier of the New Cagayan CCH Hardware along Ipil Street, but ran away under cover of the market goers while the police gave chase.

In a bid to mislead the pursuing police, Palubon threw bundles of the loot money along the escaped route resulting in a melee among the bystanders and marketers who scooped money bills scattered along the street.

The police, however, cornered Palubon along Lerio Street in Carmen killing him in the ensuing shootout.

Dr. Christian Caballes, the Chief of the Scene of the Crime Office, said that Palubon died of multiple gunshot wound on the body.

He said that a fully loaded.45 pistols were recovered from Palubon along with a crystalline substance in a cellophane in his pocket.

Caballes said that the firearm would be subjected to a ballistic examination while the unknown crystalline substance would also be submitted for laboratory exam.



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